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Who Will Be The Detroit Lions ‘Bounce-Back’ Player In 2024?

This dude could be a pleasant surprise for the 2024 Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions CB Carlton Davis III Issues Warning to NFL’s Top Receivers

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Detroit Lions Strengthen a Strength in Dave Birkett’s Final 2024 NFL Mock Draft

Dave Birkett believes the Detroit Lions will address a position of strength at No. 29

In his final mock draft before the 2024 NFL Draft, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press has pinpointed a strategic pick for the Detroit Lions that could further solidify one of their core areas: the offensive line. Birkett predicts that with the 29th overall pick, the Lions will select Zach Frazier, a standout offensive lineman from West Virginia, underscoring the team’s commitment to building and maintaining a robust front line.

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Frazier’s Fit with the Lions

Dave Birkett emphasizes that Frazier’s athletic profile and playing style are ideal fits for the Lions’ football philosophy, which places a significant emphasis on strength and resilience in the trenches. “I’m sticking with Frazier here, as his profile screams Lions,” Birkett notes, suggesting that Frazier embodies the qualities that the Lions typically seek in their linemen—toughness, versatility, and a relentless work ethic.

Potential Trade Scenarios and Team Strategy

While Frazier is a strong pick at No. 29, Birkett also hints at possible strategic moves the Lions might consider, such as trading up or down in the draft order. “Though I do think a trade (up or down) could be in the works and Frazier is the type of player Detroit might be able to land early in Round 2,” he adds, indicating that the Lions could potentially optimize their draft positioning and still secure a key player to address their needs. This flexibility in draft strategy highlights the Lions’ proactive approach to maximizing their roster potential through smart draft decisions.

Addressing Long-Term Needs

The selection of Frazier would not only bolster the Lions’ offensive line immediately but also address long-term needs, ensuring that the team remains competitive in the trenches for years to come. Birkett’s mention of Frazier filling long-term needs reinforces the idea that the Lions are looking to build a sustainable and durable line capable of protecting the quarterback and enhancing the run game.

Other Considerations

Birkett also notes that while Frazier is a prime candidate, the Lions have evaluated other prospects who could fit well with their team strategy. Players like Newton, Robinson, DeJean, McKinstry, and Jackson Powers-Johnson, along with a couple of defensive backs expected to go in Round 2, have also been on the Lions’ radar. This comprehensive scouting approach demonstrates the Lions’ thorough preparation and commitment to exploring all options that could enhance their squad.

Why Zach Frazier Is Perfect Fit for Detroit Lions

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Strategic Line Selection: Dave Birkett’s final mock draft predicts that the Detroit Lions will select Zach Frazier, a highly-regarded offensive lineman from West Virginia, with their 29th overall pick. Frazier’s selection would align with the Lions’ emphasis on building a strong, resilient offensive line, as his qualities fit well with the team’s identity and style of play.
  2. Flexibility in Draft Strategy: Although Frazier is projected as the 29th pick, Birkett suggests that the Lions might consider trading up or down to optimize their draft position while still targeting key players like Frazier. This indicates the Lions’ strategic flexibility and proactive approach to managing their draft assets effectively to address both immediate and long-term team needs.
  3. Comprehensive Player Evaluation: Beyond Frazier, the Lions have been evaluating a broad range of potential draft picks, including other offensive linemen like Jackson Powers-Johnson and various defensive prospects who could fit well into their system. This thorough scouting approach underscores the Lions’ commitment to exploring all options to enhance their roster through the draft.

Conclusion: A Strategic Draft Approach

If the Lions proceed with selecting Zach Frazier in the first round as Birkett suggests, it would exemplify the team’s strategy of strengthening a strength—continuing to invest in a formidable offensive line that can dominate the line of scrimmage. Such a move would not only reinforce the Lions’ current offensive capabilities but also set a solid foundation for future success. As draft day approaches, all eyes will be on the Lions to see if they indeed take this path or opt for a different strategy as outlined in Birkett’s insightful final mock draft analysis.


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Who Will Be The Detroit Lions ‘Bounce-Back’ Player In 2024?

This dude could be a pleasant surprise for the 2024 Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions CB Carlton Davis III Issues Warning to NFL’s Top Receivers

Carlton Davis III does not lack confidence!

A.J. Hinch Reminds Detroit Tigers Fans Why They Should Be Proud Of Their Team

A.J. Hinch says Sunday's game went "Just like we drew it up."