Pistons’ Blake Griffin: “I was 0-3 this year”

Unfortunately, not everything works out the way you want it to on the free-agency trail, even if you’re an NBA star.

Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin said as much on Tuesday, stating that he missed out on at least three free-agency targets that were on his radar to bring to Detroit.

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“I did a few calls, a few texts, a few reach-outs. I think I was 0-3 this year,” Griffin said during an interview with Barstool Sports’ podcast Pardon My Take.

Griffin said that immediately after reaching out to free-agent Jeff Green, he was told that his timing was a half-hour off.

“I was like, alright, well, that was bad timing,” Griffin said with a laugh. “I texted him and literally, like, 30 minutes later, it was like, Jeff Green has signed with the Utah Jazz.”

Detroit didn’t leave free-agency empty handed, however. They did sign former NBA MVP Derrick Rose to a two-year, $15 million deal. They also reached deals with Markieff Morris (the brother of former Piston Marcus Morris) and Tim Frazier.

Several notable names in the NBA will be suiting up for new teams this year, and Griffin is all for the newfound parity in the league.

“I actually think it’s great for basketball, the parity in basketball now,” Griffin said. “I think Golden State would have won this year if they were healthy, no question. I don’t think you can really go into the season this year being like, ‘This team is going to win and the odds are stacked.’ It’s going to be good for basketball.”


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