Brad Holmes sums up Detroit Lions’ plan in 2 words

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes recently sat down with Michael Smith of NFL on NBC to discuss the team's journey and their plans moving forward. Holmes summed up the team's plan in two words: “patience” and “resilience”. He emphasized the importance of patience in building a roster from scratch and going through difficult times.

“I think you could sum it up in patience and resilience,” Holmes told Smith during a recent interview. “When Dan and I first got here, we had a plan in place. We have great ownership that believes in our plan and was patient enough with us to draft and develop. The roster’s kind of down to the studs, and we have to kind of build it back over. We had to go in some deep waters, and we had to go through some dark times.”

Brad Holmes Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • The Lions' plan can be summed up in two words: patience and resilience.
  • The team has had to strip down the roster and build it back up from scratch.
  • Ownership has been patient in allowing the team to develop.

Why it Matters for Detroit Lions

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The Detroit Lions' plan can be described in two words: patience and resilience. The team's ownership has been patient in allowing Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell to draft and develop players, even as the roster has been stripped down. The team has gone through some tough times but has emerged stronger and more determined. The Lions have the youngest set of starters in the league and need time to develop their talent. Holmes hopes that the Lions will be seen as a gritty and persevering team that is doing things the right way.

“Hopefully they see us at the gritty football team, you know?” Holmes added. “When you talk about grit, we talk about will, we talk about perseverance, and hopefully, they look at us as gritty. Hopefully, they see us as doing it the right way.”

The Big Picture: Detroit Lions' Journey to Success

The Detroit Lions have had a tumultuous few years, with a coaching change and a roster overhaul. The team's general manager, Brad Holmes, emphasizes the importance of grit and resilience in building a team that can weather tough times and emerges stronger. With the team's ownership behind them, the Lions are focused on developing young talent and building a roster that can compete at a high level.

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