By remaining silent on Black Friday, the Detroit Lions have said it all regarding Matt Patricia’s future

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On Thanksgiving Day, the Detroit Lions hosted the Houston Texans at Ford Field with a chance to pick up a nice win in a season that has seen very few bright spots.

But, in typical Lions fashion, they laid an egg in a game that almost certainly sealed the fate for head coach Matt Patricia and potentially for his pal Bob Quinn too.

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The Lions lost the game 41-25 but to be honest, it really did not feel like they ever had a chance, even when they jumped out to a 7-0 lead following an Adrian Peterson touchdown.

As the game unfolded, the chatter on social media grew louder and louder that Patrica and Quinn should be fired by the end of the day on Black Friday.

But here we sit at nearly 9:00 p.m. ET and both Patricia and Quinn are still employed by the Detroit Lions.

Our attempts to reach out to Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp have gone unanswered and Lions beat writers, including Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press have had the same amount of success, noting that everything has been quiet.

“None of general manager Bob Quinn, president Rod Wood or owner Sheila Ford Hamp responded to requests for comment Friday, and the Lions did not issue a statement on their inaction of the day.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you that Lions ownership realizes that everyone has been waiting for some kind of announcement today and by them remaining silent, they have said enough.

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If Sheila Hamp Ford planned on Matt Patricia coaching the Lions in their upcoming game against the Chicago Bears, she would have made some kind of statement today to show some support for her team’s head coach.

But Sheila decided to say nothing and by doing that, she made it perfectly clear that she no longer supports Patricia.

Mark my words, there is no way Matt Patricia coaches the Detroit Lions’ upcoming game against the Bears.

And if he does? Well, then Sheila Ford Hamp is off to a pretty bad start as owner of the Lions.