C.J. Stroud responds to Detroit Lions fan asking him to come to Detroit

During Ohio State's recent blowout win over Michigan State, a Detroit Lions fan asked C.J. Stroud to "come to the Lions" and Stroud's reaction was perfection.

Who will be the Detroit Lions quarterback of the future? Will it be Jared Goff or will the Lions decide to select a QB such as C.J. Stroud in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Prior to the Lions' Week 5 matchup against the New England Patriots, Goff had been playing pretty well (there were definitely some mishaps). In fact, there were plenty of people who were already convinced that because of his play so far in 2022, Goff would be the Lions' signal-caller in 2023.

What did C.J. Stroud say to the Detroit Lions fan?

C.J. Stroud Detroit Lions

During Ohio State's recent blowout win over Michigan State, a Lions (and Michigan State) fan asked Stroud to “come to the Lions” and Stroud's reaction was perfection.

“It’s up to God,” Stroud responded to the fan.

Should the Detroit Lions draft C.J. Stroud?

Should the Lions select Stroud in the 2023 NFL Draft if he is available when they are on the clock?

This is a tough question because there are different variables to consider.

First of all, the big question is whether or not Stroud is a quarterback who will end up being a solid NFL player. Personally, I like Stroud but I do not love him. At this point in time, I would not take him with a top-10 pick.

Second, it depends on when the Lions are on the clock. As I said above, if the Lions have a top 5 pick, I would not take Stroud. That being said, if he were to somehow fall out of the Top 15 or so, and the Lions have a pick (maybe the Rams pick) in that range, I would be less opposed to the selection.

The Lions' top priority should be to address what is quite possibly the worst defense in NFL history.