Calvin Johnson on Detroit Lions: High Hopes and Big Predictions for the New Season

Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson opens up about the Detroit Lions' prospects for the 2023 NFL season. Will his bold predictions come true?

Megatron Speaks: Calvin Johnson's Bold Predictions for the Detroit Lions' Upcoming Season

Calvin Johnson, the legendary wide receiver now enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, has taken a U-turn in his perception of the Detroit Lions. In a recent interview on Up & Adams, Johnson couldn't hide his enthusiasm about the team's prospects, marking a significant shift from his earlier, more neutral or even skeptical views.

“It’s a lot of hype. Everybody here is excited,” Johnson said. “I can’t go anywhere in Detroit without somebody asking how the Lions are going to do, without a smile on their face. So, everybody’s excited. I’m excited as well.”

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Strong Finish, Stronger Start?

Much of this renewed enthusiasm may be attributed to the Lions' finish last year. After trudging through a lackluster 1-6 start, they revved up for an 8-2 finish, closing the season at 9-8. Even though they fell short of a playoff berth, the Lions dominated their division with a 5-1 record. This year, the roster seems even more promising, especially with Jared Goff continuing to steer the ship as the quarterback.

“I mean, I expect them (Lions) to take the North myself,” Johnson stated. “Minnesota, they have a solid quarterback. Green Bay, you know, and Chicago, we’ve seen their quarterbacks a little bit. Not necessarily Green Bay’s, but they have to have a heck of a season out of nowhere. So, I do have high expectations for what these Lions can do this year.”

Spotlight on Jahmyr Gibbs

Calvin Johnson also shone the spotlight on rookie Jahmyr Gibbs, whom the Lions picked 12th overall in this year's NFL Draft. Johnson has been tracking Gibbs since his high school days, and his excitement about the rookie is palpable. With friend Tashard Choice coaching Gibbs in college, Johnson has inside intel on the rookie's readiness for the big league.

“As long as Jahmyr goes into this season and he has a good understanding of the playbook and knows what he has to do, he can play as fast as he did at the collegiate level without thinking and make it instinct,” Johnson observed.

Jahmyr Gibbs has Bold Prediction

Combatting the Pressure Through Preparation

Being a first-round pick comes with its own set of challenges and expectations, something Johnson knows all too well. He believes that Gibbs will be able to manage the pressure effectively, stating,

“The big thing is combating the pressure. You know how you combat the pressure? You do it with preparation.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Calvin Johnson, Pro Football Hall of Famer, is optimistic about the Detroit Lions' 2023 season.
  2. Johnson believes rookie Jahmyr Gibbs could be a game-changer for the Lions.
  3. After a strong finish last season, Johnson predicts the Lions could dominate the NFC North.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the Lions' chances this year, Johnson appears to be putting his faith not just in the seasoned players but also in the fresh talent.

So, Lions fans, the future looks bright if Megatron's words are anything to go by. As one of the most illustrious figures in the franchise's history, his optimism could just be the morale booster that fans and players alike need going into the new season.

As he knows from experience, preparation is key, and if the Lions prepare well, 2023 could indeed be a breakout year for the team.