Calvin Johnson unveils new nickname for Dan Campbell

Calvin Johnson, the legendary former wide receiver of the Detroit Lions, recently spoke about his former teammate and current Lions head coach, Dan Campbell, on FanDuel TV's “Up & Adams” show. Johnson praised Campbell's toughness as a player, recalling how he played through torn labrums with a cast on his whole arm. Johnson went on to say that having a coach who was a player is a good thing and he hopes Campbell's squad knows just how tough he is. But the most important part of Johnson's comments about Campbell is the perfect nickname he gave him.

Calvin Johnson Dan Campbell

Key Points

  • Campbell played through torn labrums as a player with a cast on his whole arm.
  • Johnson praised Campbell's toughness as a player and hopes his team knows how tough he is as a coach.
  • Johnson believes having a coach who was a player is a good thing.
  • Calvin give Campbell the perfect nickname

Calvin Johnson unveils perfect nickname for Dan Campbell

“He’s a soldier, you know,” Johnson said. “I don’t know if all the guys know man, Dan was out there starting tight end in the NFL basically going with one arm, he’s like Robocop out there. He had like a cast on his whole arm in my first year playing with him. He was still starting, he was still productive, and that’s why he was playing. You know, that just goes to show you what kind of man he was. He played through pain.”

Big Picture: Dan Campbell's Toughness

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Dan Campbell's toughness as a player has been well-documented, and it's clear that his former teammates have a great deal of respect for him. And as he has transitioned to coaching, his toughness has been a valuable asset in motivating and leading his team. Johnson's comments about Campbell's toughness serve as a reminder that sometimes the intangible qualities of a coach can make all the difference.

Bottom Line – Megatron loves him some Dan Campbell

Johnson's comments about Campbell's toughness as a player and coach serve as a reminder of the importance of intangible qualities in a coach. While it's easy to focus on a coach's X's and O's, ultimately it's his ability to motivate and inspire his players that will determine their success. For the Lions, who have struggled in recent years, having a coach like Campbell who can demand the best from his players and lead by example will be a key asset as they look to turn things around.

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