Calvin Johnson has great things to say about Jared Goff

Calvin Johnson, arguably the most talented wide receiver to ever play in the NFL, never won a single playoff game with the Detroit Lions. That seems almost impossible, considering he played for the Lions for nearly a decade (nine seasons, to be exact), including playing most of those seasons with Matthew Stafford as his quarterback. Regarding the current Lions team and Jared Goff, Johnson believes that if they can win a playoff game, it would change the psyche of the fan base.

What did Calvin Johnson say about the Detroit Lions and Goff?

During a recent interview with Forbes, Johnson talked about what winning a playoff game would do for the fan base.

“I think that would change the psyche,” said Johnson. “If they’re able to start a comeback like that. They have a great young quarterback (Goff), they have a great core group of players on that team. The sky is the limit if they can make the playoffs this year.”

That being said, Johnson warned that when it comes to the Lions, there is usually a “big letdown.”

“Everybody is excited in Michigan,” said Johnson. “But everybody in Michigan knows there’s (usually) been a big letdown. Right now, there’s hope. But people are very cynical right now.”

Calvin Johnson has confidence in Jared Goff

Calvin said he believes Goff should “be the guy” for the Lions and that he has “no doubt” that Goff can get them to a Super Bowl.

“He should be the guy,” said Johnson of Goff. “I look at his resume. He led Los Angeles to a Super Bowl. He’s a good quarterback to lead a team to a Super Bowl. He has that experience under his belt. Things are starting to look up for him right here, right now. I have no doubt he can get the team to where they want to go.”

Nation, do you agree with Johnson that Goff is the Lions' QB of the future?

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