C.J. Gardner-Johnson has message for Deion Sanders

C.J. Gardner-Johnson has message for Deion Sanders: Find out what advice the Detroit Lions safety has for Deion.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson has message for Deion Sanders

In a remarkable upset victory, the Colorado Buffaloes, under the guidance of coach Deion Sanders, toppled TCU with a score of 45-42. This feat was particularly striking, considering the Buffaloes entered the game as significant underdogs. However, not everyone was only singing praises for Sanders following the win. Detroit Lions veteran safety, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, took to social media to offer some unsolicited advice to Sanders.

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What did C.J. Gardner-Johnson say?

While he admired the Buffaloes' performance, Gardner-Johnson highlighted a glaring concern. He pointed out that the defense, which conceded a whopping 541 yards, needed some serious tightening. His message was clear: to achieve lasting success in college football, a robust defense is paramount.

“I respect what Colorado did, matter fact, LOVE IT!” Gardner-Johnson said. “But, defense gave up 541 yards. Defense WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!”

C.J. Gardner-Johnson has message for Deion Sanders

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. A Deion Sanders-led Colorado Buffaloes team secured an unexpected win against TCU.
  2. Despite the victory, the Buffaloes' defense gave up a substantial 541 yards.
  3. Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson emphasized the crucial role of defense, hinting at its championship-winning potential.

Bottom Line – A Celebration With Caution

A win is a win, and for the Buffaloes, this victory will serve as a morale booster, especially considering they were perceived as underdogs. Deion Sanders, with his coaching acumen, has instilled a sense of belief and resilience in the team. However, this win also illuminated a potential pitfall. As the saying goes, “Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships.” And C.J. Gardner-Johnson's statement underscores this sentiment. With the college football season in full swing, the Buffaloes need to identify and address their defensive vulnerabilities if they aim to consistently challenge and beat the top teams.

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