C.J. Gardner-Johnson on NFL Playoffs: ‘We’ve got two more banners to hang’

C.J. Gardner-Johnson on NFL Playoffs: 'We've got two more banners to hang'. Photo Credit: Junfu Han-USA TODAY

C.J. Gardner-Johnson on NFL Playoffs: ‘We've got two more banners to hang'

C.J. Gardner-Johnson of the Detroit Lions is setting his sights high as the team heads into the NFL Playoffs. His comments following the Lions' recent win not only reflect confidence but also a clear vision for the team's playoff journey. Gardner-Johnson's belief in the team's potential to achieve more is a driving force as they prepare for the challenges ahead.

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Momentum and Ambition

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's words after Sunday's win encapsulate the spirit and ambition within the Lions' locker room.

“Man, we've had momentum all week. We've got two more banners to hang. You know what that means. We've got two more banners to hang. What's next,” he said, indicating a team that is not content with past achievements but is eagerly looking ahead.

This mindset is crucial as the Lions approach the playoffs with a vision of adding more accolades to their legacy.

Gardner-Johnson's Dedication and Gratitude

Gardner-Johnson's commitment to the team's goals is unwavering.

“We've got a couple more banners to hang. Two more banners. And I'm not falling short, we're not falling short. I'll be damned if that happens. We've worked too hard, like coach Dan says, we're seasoned for this, perfectly scarred for this. I'm just appreciative to be a part of a great organization. Shout out Sheila, shout out Brad, A.G., Dan for just bringing me here. It's nothing more than just thanking God for this moment. It's a humbling moment, ball got taken away from me so I had to regroup. At the end of the day, to get a team win, it felt good for me.” 

His appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of the Lions and his acknowledgment of the support from the management and coaching staff highlight his recognition of the collective effort that has brought the team to this point.

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Building Towards Success

Gardner-Johnson's comments reflect the Lions' broader goals and aspirations in the playoffs. His vision of hanging two more banners signifies not just a desire for short-term success but also the establishment of a winning culture within the organization. His words are a rallying cry, motivating his team to strive for excellence and reach the pinnacle of NFL success.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. C.J. Gardner-Johnson exudes confidence and vision for the Lions in the NFL Playoffs.
  2. He speaks of the team's sustained momentum and the goal of hanging two more banners.
  3. Gardner-Johnson expresses gratitude for his team and determination to succeed.
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The Bottom Line – Gardner-Johnson's Inspirational Leadership

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's outlook going into the NFL Playoffs is both inspiring and indicative of the Lions' team ethos. His commitment to excellence and unwavering belief in the team's capabilities underscore a potent mix of talent and determination within the Lions' ranks. As they embark on their playoff journey, Gardner-Johnson's leadership and vision could be pivotal in turning those aspirations into reality. The Lions, under his and others' guidance, stand ready to face the challenges ahead with the aim of making those two additional banners a part of their storied history.