Could Detroit Lions poach Chris Jones from Kansas City Chiefs?

Could Detroit Lions poach Chris Jones: The Lions have been mentioned as a landing spot. What are your thoughts?

Could Detroit Lions poach Chris Jones from Kansas City Chiefs?

It's undeniable: Chris Jones is an asset that would improve the defensive line of any NFL team, and that includes our Detroit Lions. His consistent and powerful performance, proven by last year's All-Pro selection and ranking third in Defensive Player of the Year, has been instrumental for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are now facing a predicament with Jones due to his ongoing holdout, and there has been speculation that if the sides can not reach a deal, a trade is possible.

Chris Jones Detroit Lions Could Detroit Lions poach Chris Jones

Lions Mentioned as Landing Spot for Chris Jones

In a recent article published on Bleacher Report, Brad Gagnon suggests that the Lions could be a landing spot for Jones if the Chiefs decide to trade him.

The Detroit Lions are legitimate contenders. This year's roster is certainly stronger than the 2022 squad that posted a top-10 DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average) at Football Outsiders, and the NFC North looks to be wide open.

So with more cap space than all but eight teams, why not make a dynamic defensive duo out of Jones and 2022 No. 2 overall pick Aidan Hutchinson? John Cominsky is a solid player but he's not a star and they don't get much pass rush from him, Alim McNeill or Isaiah Buggs.

Jones would change that immediately, which might even be worth a first-round pick for a team that would have the talent to ensure that selection comes near the bottom of Round 1. Having an extra third-rounder next year at least softens that blow a little bit.

Jared Goff still has to deliver for the offense, but considering the trajectory on defense, this is the kind of move that could put the Lions over the top. And they now have enough defensive depth to throw an active player Kansas City's way.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Chris Jones, a linchpin for the Kansas City Chiefs, is amidst an uncertain phase due to his holdout, sparking transfer speculations.
  2. Detroit Lions, growing stronger this season, could immensely benefit from Jones' defensive prowess, making them formidable contenders.
  3. A potential trade could reshape the Lions' defense, possibly requiring a high-value trade, but could position the Lions for a significant league advantage.
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Bottom Line – Maneuvering the NFL's Power Play

In the high-stakes game of the NFL, every move, every trade, and every decision is a calculated risk. Yes, Jones would make the Lions' defensive line better, but does that automatically mean he would be a great fit with the team? Not necessarily. There are plenty of things to consider, including whether or not Jones is a good culture fit, and would would acquiring him impact the current and future salary cap. Personally, I do not see Jones as a player Brad Holmes would try to acquire at this point due to the financial commitment it would take to land him.