Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes to have discussion about C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes to have discussion about C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes to have discussion about C.J. Gardner-Johnson

While speaking with the media on Thursday, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell revealed the upcoming discussion with general manager Brad Holmes regarding the status of safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson for the impending game against the Dallas Cowboys. Gardner-Johnson, who has been recovering from a torn pectoral injury sustained in Week 2, is now in his second week of practice and showing promising progress.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson defends Jared Goff C.J. Gardner-Johnson explains Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes to have discussion about C.J. Gardner-Johnson

What did Dan Campbell Say?

To activate C.J. Gardner-Johnson, the Lions face the challenging decision of releasing a player from their active roster.

“No, look, he's even better than last week,” Campbell said. “He's looking pretty good and it's just another chance to get him going. Brad and I will talk about after we get done today. He'll be out there practicing (Thursday).” 

This decision is complicated further by the current form of Ifeatu Melifonwu, who is excelling at the safety position. With Kerby Joseph also contributing effectively, the Lions' coaching staff finds themselves with a positive dilemma regarding the secondary's roles once Gardner-Johnson is ready for action. Campbell sees these decisions as beneficial challenges, emphasizing the depth of talent and playmaking ability within the team's roster.

“Well, yeah. And look, it's, Iffy's playing really good football and look, Kerby's doing a good job,” Campbell explained. “But everybody just assumes, is it Iffy or C.J.? But why? Why would you assume that? So when he comes back, we've got options.  We've got really good options. We've got football players, playmakers, and so it's a great problem to have.” 

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. C.J. Gardner-Johnson's return to the Lions' roster is under discussion.
  2. Activating Gardner-Johnson requires releasing a player from the active roster.
  3. The Lions' secondary has depth, creating good dilemmas for roster decisions.

The Bottom Line – A Balancing Act for Success

The Detroit Lions are in a favorable but complex situation as they deliberate on the best course of action for their secondary. The decision about C.J. Gardner-Johnson's activation is not only a testament to his recovery and skills but also highlights the strategic considerations that Campbell and Holmes must navigate.

The depth of talent in the Lions' defense, with players like Melifonwu and Joseph, offers flexibility and a variety of strategic options, making the team well-equipped to face upcoming challenges. This scenario exemplifies the delicate balancing act of roster management in the NFL, where each decision can have significant implications for the team's overall performance and success.


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