Dan Campbell explains what ‘Grit’ means to him

If you happened to tune in for HBO’s Hard Knocks prior to the 2022 season, you had the opportunity to see the Detroit Lions, up close and personal. One of the stars of the show was Lions’ head coach, Dan Campbell. During one of the episodes, Campbell talked about how it’s all about “Grit” for the Lions. Now, during an interview on the Barstool Sports ‘Pardon My Take‘ Podcast, Campbell explained what “Grit” means to him.

Dan Campbell explains what ‘Grit’ means to him

Here is how Campbell defined what “Grit” means to him:

“Grit is, I think it’s, when you have the ability to overcome adversity in any situation,” the popular coach stated. “The ability to push through it, mentally, physically, to overcome. I think that’s what grit is in a nutshell.” 

Key Points

  • Campbell, who became a star on HBO’s Hard Knocks prior to the 2022 season, recently explained what “Grit” means to him during an interview on the Barstool Sports ‘Pardon My Take’ Podcast.
  • According to Campbell, “Grit” is about the ability to overcome adversity in any situation, pushing through mental and physical barriers. He believes this characteristic is crucial for a football team aiming to win a Super Bowl.
  • It’s evident that Campbell practices what he preaches. His emphasis on ‘Grit’ isn’t just for show; it’s a manifestation of his passion and belief about what it takes to achieve ultimate success in football. He instills this concept in both his team and coaching staff as part of their shared ethos.
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Bottom Line: Practicing what you Preach

When it comes to Dan Campbell, one thing is for sure. When he says something (or does something), it is not just for show, it is for a purpose, and it is because he is passionate about it. When Campbell preaches about Grit to his team, and to his coaching staff, it is because he believes that is what a football team needs to reach the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl.

Written by W.G. Brady

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