Josh Reynolds reveals why he signed with Denver Broncos instead of Detroit Lions

Josh Reynolds could have re-signed with the Detroit Lions

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Josh Reynolds, a seasoned NFL wide receiver, has taken his talents to the Denver Broncos, signaling a new chapter in his career. At 29 years old and stepping into his eighth season, Reynolds has inked a two-year deal worth $9 million with the Broncos, despite Lions GM Brad Holmes saying he wanted to bring him back.

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A Tough Business Decision Josh Reynolds

Despite a productive season with the Detroit Lions, where Reynolds snagged 40 passes for 608 yards and five touchdowns, aiding the team’s push to the NFC Championship Game, he found himself entering the free agency. Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes expressed a desire to retain Reynolds during the NFL owners’ meetings in Orlando, Florida. However, circumstances changed rapidly, leading Reynolds to sign with the Broncos.

“Business,” Reynolds said succinctly about his departure from Detroit. The nature of NFL contracts often leads to tough decisions for players and teams alike. “It’s a business, but you know, I think I’m at where I’m supposed to be at, and I’m excited,” he added, reflecting a positive outlook on his new beginning.

The Lure of Sean Payton’s Offense

The deciding factor for Reynolds’ move was the opportunity to play under head coach Sean Payton. Admiring Payton from a distance over the years, Reynolds was drawn to the prospect of being a part of an offense led by such a renowned coach.

“I think the main decision (in signing with Denver) was that I’ve always admired Sean Payton from afar,’’ he said. “I was excited to see what that offense looked like.”

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Looking Forward

As Josh Reynolds embarks on this new journey with the Denver Broncos, his experience and skill are expected to bring a new dynamism to the team’s receiving corps. With Sean Payton at the helm, Reynolds is poised to explore the heights of his football career in an offense known for its innovation and effectiveness.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Josh Reynolds Signs with Denver Broncos: Reynolds has moved to the Denver Broncos on a two-year, $9 million deal after a successful stint with the Detroit Lions.
  2. Business Decision: The transition from Detroit to Denver was driven by the business nature of the NFL, with Detroit’s GM initially expressing a desire to retain him.
  3. Influence of Sean Payton: Reynolds was particularly attracted to the Broncos by the opportunity to work under renowned head coach Sean Payton, whose offensive prowess he has long admired.
Detroit Lions predicted to lose Josh Reynolds Contract Josh Reynolds Addresses Rumor

Bottom Line

Josh Reynolds’ move to the Denver Broncos highlights the intricate balance between professional aspirations and the business nature of the NFL. While the Detroit Lions may miss his contributions, Reynolds’ enthusiasm for his new role under Coach Sean Payton suggests promising developments for his career and the Broncos’ offensive game.

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