Dan Campbell feels much better about Sunday’s loss after watching the film

    On Sunday afternoon, Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions opened up their 2022 season by hosting the Philadelphia Eagles at Ford Field.

    Unfortunately, things did not go as planned for the Lions as the Eagles held on for a 38-35 win.

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    Though the Lions went right down the field and scored on their opening possession to go up 7-0, the Eagles dominated the rest of the half and they eventually jumped out to a 31-14 lead in the third quarter.

    Dan Campbell feels much better about Sunday's loss after watching the film

    On Monday, Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he said that he feels much better about the game after watching the film.

    “I’ll be honest, I really feel like if we played that opponent again, we’re gonna be so much cleaner on it than we were,” Campbell said. “I’m not saying we would, you know, but we would handle it so much better. Our guys are watching it right now, and they’re seeing everything that we talked about and preached. Man, just do your job, you fit on the back, you fit on the back. I’m surfing off the edge, I’m surfing off the edge. I’m responsible for quarterback, don’t even look at the running back. And literally, just the trust and hone in on your assignment.”

    “Man, gap responsibility,” Campbell said. “We have a couple things where, just, we have an issue where we’re running a stunt and one guy’s not running the stunt. That one shows up. We have about three occasions of, we need our force defender on the line of scrimmage, he should be down there fitting. He’s 10 yards off the line off, and now it rolls back. Everybody’s doing their job. So it’s always one guy you know, we haven’t got. We’re in the hole, we stop our feet and lunge at the ball carrier. And then, certainly, the quarterback, I mean he was a huge part of that. Everything runs through him and we didn’t do a great job of bottling him up.”

    Nation, how do you feel about the Detroit Lions after their first game? Do you agree with Dan Campbell?

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