Dan Campbell on SOL: ‘I don’t want to hear it anymore’

Same Old Lions is DEAD!!! Some of you have been doing everything you can to hold on to that awful phrase that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions‘ new regime, but your trolling time has come to an end. On Sunday Night Football, despite having nothing to play for other than respect, Campbell and the Lions took it to the Green Bay Packers on their way to a 20-16 win at Lambeau Field. Following the game, Campbell was asked about the SOL narrative.

What did Dan Campbell say about SOL?

Following Sunday's win over the Packers, Campbell spoke to reporters and he made it clear that he is done with the Same Old Lions narrative. That being said, he knows that it all starts with winning football games and getting into the “tournament.”

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“Look, certainly I don't want to hear that anymore, the Same Old Lions. That's what all this is about,” Campbell said after the win Sunday night. “There's so many things and it all comes with winning, but yeah, I wanted to be part of building a brand-new brand.

“So, I like that and that's the point, but I also know if you want to do that, you've really got to get in the dance, you've got to get in the tournament and then you've got to make some waves in the tournament, so that's the next step,” he continued. “We've improved every year. We improved last year. That was a special group, even though we only won three games and we kept a lot of those guys, and guess what? We got nine wins this season. And we were 5-1 in the division and we got better, and next year we will be better. But next year's about let's get in the dance and let's see what we can do when we get in there.”

The 2022 Lions finished with a 9-8 record, which means they tripled their win total from a year ago.

Now, as Campbell said, it is time to get to the tournament and make some noise.

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