Dan Campbell reacts to reporter’s phone alarm going off during presser [Video]

    Detroit Lions‘ training camp kicked off on Wednesday and it did not take too long for Dan Campbell to learn about The Athletic's new Lions' beat writer, Colton Pouncy.

    Watch as Campbell is speaking to the media when a phone alarm sounds. As you will see, Campbell pretended to be upset for a moment before smiling and having some fun with Pouncy.

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    *Alarm sounds

    Campbell with an upset look: What the….

    Campbell smiling: No uh.. So uh.. What's your name? What's your name?

    Pouncy: Colton

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    Campbell: Colton. I'm not gonna forget you, Colton.

    Unknown voice: That was loud

    Campbell (laughing): Is that your alarm?

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    Pouncy: Yeah, I set an alarm

    Campbell: You got up early!

    Folks, can you imagine if this had happened during a Matt Patricia press conference? There is a solid chance that he would have berated the dude and not let him return.

    Dan Campbell is the real deal and that is why we love him.

    Now, if it happens again…

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