Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions hype train ‘is out of control’

Dan Campbell addressed the media on Sunday morning, and he talked about the Detroit Lions 'hype train' and how the team has to earn it.

The Detroit Lions are rolling into the 2023 season under the weight of some lofty expectations, a notion that isn't lost on their determined head coach, Dan Campbell. On Sunday, prior to the team's first training camp practice, Campbell addressed the Lions' hype training, admitting that it is out of control at this point.

Dan Campbell
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Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions hype train ‘is out of control'

Campbell remains grounded, emphasizing the need for focus and hard work. The Lions are the current favorites to win the NFC North, following an impressive finish to their previous season with a triumphant streak of eight wins out of their last 10 games.

“I think as always, the thing that's gonna worry you is the hype train,” Campbell said Sunday, the Lions' first day of training camp. “I mean, as with most coaches, this thing is just taking off and it's out of control right now and that's fine, as long as we stay focused on the job at hand and the work. I just keep going back to that. We've got to put the work in and earn it.”

Further fueling the hype are the four prime-time games on the Lions' plate this season, alongside their traditional Thanksgiving Day game. Campbell, while acknowledging the buzz, insists on his team not succumbing to the fanfare.

“I think you just keep the message consistent, and you call it what it is, and it just goes back to the work,” Campbell said. “And when you see it not going that way or we have some guys that are deviating a little bit, or they think they've arrived and they haven't, you call them out on it.

“I think as long as we do that as coaches and players as teammates, we'll be fine.”

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Key Points

  • Despite being favorites for the NFC North title, Coach Campbell insists on staying grounded.
  • Campbell stressed the importance of work ethic over attention and accolades.
  • High expectations can bring pressure, but Campbell sees them as opportunities for growth.

Bottom Line – Staying Steadfast, Not Starstruck

At the end of the day, the Lions have to prove that they're more than just the flavor of the month. The high expectations and added attention shouldn't be distractions but motivators to push harder and aim higher. As Dan Campbell, our very own Lion King, rightly put it, there's work to be done, and it's all about earning it.


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