Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions offseason program will be at a new level

Thanks to (or no thanks to) COVID-19, Dan Campbell, and his coaching staff were at a bit of a disadvantage during their first season with the Detroit Lions as the NFL decided to scrap the extra minicamp that is given to teams with a new head coach.

But that was then and this is now and Campbell is more than ready to get the show on the road as offseason workouts begin this week.


From Detroit Free Press:

“We lost out on (the extra minicamp last year), and of course COVID pushed everything back, so we lost a little bit of that,” Campbell said. “But this year, we’re already going to be ahead so certainly anytime you’ve at least kind of had your system in a little bit and now you can go back and watch your own cut-ups (it's an advantage).

“Last year, you’re pulling cut-ups (from) New Orleans and some things, so now we can watch ourselves and our own schemes and kind of just continue to grow and learn and move on. Go to level 201, if not more.”

Campbell believes that the Lions will have a good turnout at camp and they with COVID restrictions being lifted, they will be able to do more than they did in 2021.


“It’s going to be good,” Campbell said. “Just to be out of the COVID restrictions and everything else, open the building up and not have to do virtual meetings, it’s going to go a long way. So I do feel like we’re going to be able to do a little bit more than we did last year, which is good.”

“We’re going to have a good turnout of our guys,” Campbell said. “I would anticipate just about all of our guys here, if not all of them. At least, if not by April 19, within a week or two of that, for sure when we start in-classroom stuff.”

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