David Montgomery on Detroit Lions fans: ‘This is second to none’

David Montgomery on Detroit Lions fans: 'This is second to none'.

David Montgomery on Detroit Lions fans: ‘This is second to none'

David Montgomery, the dynamic running back for the Detroit Lions, is cherishing what he describes as a ‘special' debut season with the team, marked by emotional connections and on-field success. During a recent interview, he talked about the opportunity to play for the Lions, the Lions fan base, and how he relates to Dan Campbell.

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Why it Matters: More Than Just Football

David Montgomery's journey with the Lions this season transcends beyond the football field. It’s about the deep emotional ties and authentic experiences he’s shared with the city of Detroit and its passionate fanbase. His decision to sign with the Lions has proven to be more than a career move; it's about being part of a community that values authenticity and shared passion for the game.

“This is second to none. I’ve never been a part of or seen anything like it,” Montgomery told reporters Friday. “Like, just the way that this place, this city, you can feel how authentic it is. You can feel the love and warmth from the entire city. So, just being a part of it is special.”

The Big Picture: A Perfect Fit

Signing a three-year, $18 million deal last March, Montgomery saw potential in the Lions that many others might have overlooked. His belief in the team's emergence from a rebuilding phase has been validated. This season has not only met but exceeded his expectations, offering him a sense of fulfillment and joy that extends beyond statistics.

“It’s special, man, it’s special,” Montgomery expressed, when asked about whether this season has lived up to his expectations. “I think every day I wake up still being able to play, and play with these guys around me – it’s definitely special.”

His rapport with head coach Dan Campbell reflects a mutual understanding and respect, enhancing his experience with the team.

“When I first got the call and the opportunity to realize that I was going to be here, I looked up all his (Campbell's) interviews, and you know, I revisited the ‘biting kneecaps' when he first got here. To everybody else, it's funny, but to me, it's like, ‘I agree,'” Montgomery commented. “So, just the kind of human he is, the way he carries himself every day, it's really, really great to finally see that he's getting the recognition that he deserves. But, yeah, that's my guy.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. David Montgomery has found a deep emotional and professional connection in his first season with the Detroit Lions, far exceeding his expectations.
  2. His relationship with head coach Dan Campbell and the city of Detroit has added a special dimension to his experience, beyond the typical player-coach dynamic.
  3. Being a new father has brought additional motivation and joy to Montgomery’s career, contributing to the 2023 season being his best yet in the NFL.

The Bottom Line – A Season of Heart

Montgomery’s experience this season with the Lions is a testament to the power of finding the right fit in a team and city. His emotional connection with Detroit, combined with his on-field performance, makes this season his most rewarding yet, both as a player and a new father. The journey with the Lions has given him a new perspective on life and football, making it his best season in the NFL, emotionally and statistically.

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