Denzel Mims suffers injury at Detroit Lions training camp

Recently acquired wide receiver Denzel Mims has been injured.

According to multiple reports floating around, including one from Kyle Meinke of MLive, newly acquired wide receiver Denzel Mims suffered an injury today at Detroit Lions training camp. According to Meinke, Mims was seen limping to the locker room after suffering a right lower leg injury.

Denzel Mims Detroit Lions Jared Goff
Photo via @BenjaminSRaven on Twitter

Hoping for the Best

Mims was acquired via a trade with the New York Jets, and according to head coach Dan Campbell, he has done a great job so far during training camp. The Lions have already dodged a couple of bullets with training camp injuries, and hopefully, they dodge another one with Mims.

Denzel Mims Received Welcome Call From Jared Goff

“I love him. A great quarterback. I'm glad to be here with him,” Mims said. “I watched him a few growing up, so I'm just excited, honestly.”

“We talked about 20 or 30 minutes and he just told me how the players are around a bit, how the coaches are,” said Mims. “And man, he just we just got in the playbook right away. And so he got me ready to play day one.

“Honestly. It means he believed in me. It means that he see a lot in me,” Mims continued. “And to have a quarterback like that, you know, that gives you a lot more confidence, like I said earlier. So I'm just thankful.”

Key Points

  • The Lions acquired Mims via a trade with the New York Jets
  • Mims has reportedly suffered an injury during training camp
  • Hopefully, the Lions dodge another bullet and Mims is fine