Denzel Mims describes welcome phone call from Jared Goff

Denzel Mims said that Jared Goff gave him a call as soon as the trade was made.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Denzel Mims was elated when he received a phone call from the team's quarterback, Jared Goff, after being traded from the New York Jets. Mims had nothing but praise for Goff, describing him as a “great quarterback” and expressing his excitement to be part of the Lions. The conversation between the two lasted for 20-30 minutes, during which Goff shared insights about the team, the coaching staff, and delved straight into the playbook with Mims.

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Denzel Mims describes welcome phone call from Jared Goff

This support from Goff left Mims feeling confident and appreciated, as he believes that the quarterback's belief in him will translate to success on the field.

“I love him. A great quarterback. I'm glad to be here with him,” Mims said. “I watched him a few growing up, so I'm just excited, honestly.”

“We talked about 20 or 30 minutes and he just told me how the players are around a bit, how the coaches are,” said Mims. “And man, he just we just got in the playbook right away. And so he got me ready to play day one.

“Honestly. It means he believed in me. It means that he see a lot in me,” Mims continued. “And to have a quarterback like that, you know, that gives you a lot more confidence, like I said earlier. So I'm just thankful.”

Key Points

  • Denzel Mims received a welcoming phone call from Jared Goff after being traded to the Detroit Lions.
  • Goff's conversation with Mims lasted for 20-30 minutes and covered various aspects of the team.
  • The quarterback's belief in Mims has boosted the young receiver's confidence.
  • Mims' fast speed and potential to stretch the field will be valuable for the Lions during Jameson Williams' suspension.
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Bottom Line – A Receiver Ready to Shine

The welcome phone call from Goff has set the tone for Denzel Mims' journey with the Detroit Lions. The young receiver is eager to make an impact and contribute to the team's success. With the support of Goff and his fellow teammates, Mims is poised to shine on the football field, and fans are eager to see how this dynamic connection unfolds in the games ahead. The Lions have added a promising asset to their roster, and Denzel Mims is ready to show the NFL what he's capable of.