Detroit beat writer blasts Matt Patricia for not teaching preschool skill

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions has an opportunity to get back to the .500 mark on the season but instead, they were crapped on by a Minnesota Vikings team that was 2-5 heading into the game.

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It was the ninth consecutive game Matt Patricia‘s team has lost to an NFC North opponent and it seems like a foregone conclusion that the 2020 season will end with the Lions finishing in the basement of the division.

On Monday, MLive beat writer Kyle Meinke published an opinion piece in which he blasts Patricia, saying his team cannot count to 11.

From MLive:

What’s so damn vexing is they’re going down in the ways Matt Patricia was supposed to fix them. Patricia was supposed to win with physical football. More than anything, he was supposed to win with defense. And two-and-a-half seasons into this thing, they still can’t get even the basics right. Like counting to 11.

The Lions tried to play defense with 10 men for a 2-point conversion last week against Indianapolis. This may surprise you, but the strategy didn’t work. Of course, a mistake like that could happen to anyone, and it does at one point or another. The problem is they did it again later in that game too.

“Bad coaching,” defensive coordinator Cory Undlin said. “That’s what that is.”

Sure is. And then — and you’re never going to believe — and then they did it again in Minnesota. They had just lost their starting quarterback, still trailed 27-13, but still had almost a full quarter to try to close that gap. And then they sent 10 men onto the field to start a drive against the league’s No. 1 rusher.

This may surprise you too, but Dalvin Cook doesn’t need help. He was obliged to take it anyway though, went 70 yards for a touchdown that put the game on ice, and might still be running if they didn’t paint white lines on the back of the end zone.

See, this isn’t even about talent, although it’s about too. The Lions don’t have any game-wreckers on that side of the ball right now. But you don’t usually need a bunch of game-wreckers to beat a last-place team. You just need to do the simple stuff well. But the Lions can’t even manage that. They can’t even fit a basic run play. They can’t even put 11 men on the field consistently. Forty games into this thing, and they can’t count to 11.

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