Can Detroit Lions Spoil Dak Prescott’s Return?

Can The Detroit Lions Make Dak Prescott Regret His Return?

Matt: Yeah I agree with you about the Detroit Lions. As far as it is a tough matchup, especially with Elliott and Pollard, as you pointed out, the Detroit Lions’ run defense is just as bad as the rest of the defense. They’re allowing over 167 yards per game. They’ve given up the second most rushing touchdowns in a league at 10.

The last time we saw the Detroit Lions your fantasy running back, who you traded to me is now my fantasy running back. Rhamondre Stevenson had 161 yards on. 25 carries they’ve allowed back-to-back hundred-yard rushers. And you’re talking exactly like we were talking about with Ezekiel Elliott, who’s being pushed by Tony Pollard.

Last week, Elliott, against the decent Eagles defense, had 13 carries for 81 yards in a touch. So if the, they don’t even need Dak for this one. It seems like if they just focus on the ground game, they’re gonna be able to punish the Detroit Lions enough that they can just beat us 

Ryan: on that. . Yeah, to your point, they might not need D.

The Patriots didn’t need Mac Jones. They need Bailey Zappe to come in here and put up 22 points. Seven came from the one the defense scored. Don’t give those points to Bailey Zappe. But the Patriots, you came in and beat the Detroit Lions, shut the Detroit Lions out. They had a third-string quarterback.

Geno Smith wasn’t supposed to be the starter, More of the Seahawks, and he’s looked really good. But his coming out party was against the Detroit Lions where he torched them. So it’s even if Dak Prescott wasn’t playing, I don’t think I’d picked the Detroit Lions to like, win this game. Would you? 

Matt: No. I wouldn’t just because. I was just really just because of how bad the defense has been for the Detroit Lions. And then on the other side, how good the Cowboys’ defense has been and how good they’ve been at disrupting what other teams’ offenses want to do and getting to the quarterback. I understand the Detroit Lions offensive line has been pretty good, but that defense that Dallas has been bringing led by Micah Parsons has been very.

And we’ve seen how golf reacts when he gets disrupted, he throws into a double, and triple coverage, gives up those interceptions, those pick sixes. And like Dallas, between defense and running the game alone, it has enough to beat the Detroit Lions right now. 

Ryan: So Dallas is a team that I’ve actually thought was pretty good for three or four years, but they’re always worse than I think they’re gonna be.

I think even on one of our sports carnage years, I picked the Cowboys that go to the Super Bowl. I don’t think they ended up making the playoffs that year. So this could just be like a case of bias of a team that I’ve always felt. Was at least decent, at least good, but they’re certainly better than the Detroit Lions.

And I think it will be a sad Sunday in Detroit after having kind of the buy week this Saturday. Whether you’re going to, I’m going to the cider mill personally with Michigan University and Michigan State ha. Having their buy week and then they play, next Saturday. So you’ll have a pretty relaxing Saturday probably.

And then when Sunday comes. It’ll be time, to pay the piper. You got the Detroit Lions free last week and they’re right back at it breaking your heart there.

Matt: The chance the Detroit Lions have is D’Andre Swift. If D’Andre Swift comes back, he gives the Detroit Lions some ability to fight back against this Dallas defense because if there is a weakness in the Cowboy defense, it is the running game.

They’ve allowed 120 yards per. And Swift before the injury, he has 308 yards and a couple of touchdowns. So if he can play. He can have that success. The Detroit Lions offense, we’ve seen the numbers this year, their second-most in yards at over 410 a game. Their third most in points at 28 per game. That includes the shutout that happened, but you need guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown, and especially D’Andre Swift to be involved.

Jamaal Williams. Is a heck of a number two, but he’s still not a number one. And D’Andre Swift when he is healthy has proven to be number one. The Detroit Lions are gonna need him to have any chance to fight back against the Cowboys this week on the road in Dallas. 

Ryan: Yeah, Swift, the, I guess the only thing there would be, you’re asking Swift to come back and essentially be a hundred percent because it’s still a good Cowboys defense.

I know that they’re not so great against the run, but it’s not like D’Andre Swift is out here getting 15 carries a game anyway. Even when he was healthy, they were splitting him at least in the run game. And then letting D’Andre Swift get a lot of the passing work where he is able to do a lot of his damage.

I don’t have his yards pulled up in front of me, yards from scrimmage against like just his raw rushing yards from just eyeballing it. My guess would be, it’s probably close to 50-50 running yards still probably does have the advantage, but Swift does a lot of his work in the passing.

And Jamaal Williams has been good as a number two. The question is really just how healthy is D’Andre Swift. Because even again, leading up to this week, he didn’t sound like he was certain he was playing. He was, it was sorta like, Hey, like I’m gonna, it’s my goal to play, essentially. Which again, isn’t the most confidence that you can have in, you are running back saying, Yeah, I’m ready to go. But I think what it clearly shows is that he’s not gonna be a hundred percent right.

Matt: And that’s what I’m hoping he’s healthy enough to play because at least that throws a wrinkle into it. If you’re just relying on Jamaal Williams and obviously Justin Jackson and Craig Reynolds as well but having Swift involved.

Makes a difference, I think, and at least makes the cowboys have to pay attention to him when he is in. It. Might open some things up for Jamaal Williams later in the game. It’s just a better chance for the Detroit Lions to fight back and they’re gonna need everything they can get because Dallas’s defensive unit is no joke.

Their offensive line. Has, that’s, this is, that’s the fun part for me to watch. It’s gonna be, we’re hearing about new things. They’re trying on the defensive side of the ball for the Detroit Lions as far as Aidan Hutchinson and stuff. And now you’re gonna go up against a Dallas offensive line where they’ve had two weeks to get ready, thanks to the bye week, and try to implement something to show that there is improvement and growth on this defense.

Obviously, the injuries have been terrible. Josh Paschal hasn’t played a game yet. So getting guys like that back. Should open things up a little bit more on the defensive side of the ball for the Detroit Lions as well. But you can’t be expecting to go from one end to the other, just like that. Even with getting all your guys healthy and they’re still not a hundred percent healthy.

But I’m hoping to see a little bit of improvement, having two weeks to get ready for Dallas and getting some healthy bodies back on the defensive side of 

Ryan: the ball. Yeah, health is a big factor, certainly for the defense. It’ll be nice to get Aidan Hutchinson back after now. Since week two.

Matt: Yeah. And the other side, as we talked about, you need Micah Parsons, Demarcus Lawrence, and Dorance Armstrong. It’s gonna be a tall task. And then on the, and then on the secondary, you know, Trevon Diggs. And yes, Diggs does give up a lot, but he also takes a lot. And depending on the quarterback, and in this case, it’s Goff who likes to throw in double and triple coverage.

Diggs might be, feasting. He’s a feast or famine guy. He might be feasting this Sunday especially with the pressure’s getting to Goff and Goff’s just throwing it up there. 

Ryan: Yeah, I mean, that’s a really good call out and that’s actually a place where the Detroit Lions can take advantage because say what you want about Jared Goff.

One thing he’s been able to do this year is, put up yards. Some of those big passing plays can happen if they’re targeting Trevon Diggs and if he messes up, essentially, right? If he’s on Amon-Ra St. Brown and then Amon-Ra’s able to fool him on just on a hitch route or something, right?

He fakes, he’s going inside and then he just takes the top off deep. That is where you can expose digs. And if you expose him there, usually it’s a big play because he takes himself outta the play. He just made the Aidan Hutchinson joke and Diggs does the same thing.

In the secondary where no he has more booms and usually more interceptions than I think what we’ve seen Hutchinson with the act. But in terms of just taking yourself outta the play, no. If he runs it and that’s not where the ball’s going, then he’s not in any position to defend the passer or get back and, make a tackle, make a play.

And that is a spot where Dallas’ Defense is susceptible and the Detroit Lions can obviously take advantage with Amon-Ra St. Brown even with TJ Hockenson, although I don’t imagine Hockenson is gonna be matched up with Diggs, so many times, DJ Chark or St. Brown I think it is it’s an opportunity for the Detroit Lions to get some quick points and get some big plays.

And if they are, if they wanna win this game I think they’ll have to have a couple of those chunk plays because I don’t know that Dallas’s defense is gonna be very, 

Matt: Yeah, and I think they’re gonna have to start fast. You gotta take advantage of the fact that this is, Dak’s first game back, he might be a little rusty in that first quarter through, and some of his throws might be a little bit off target from what he’s used to.

So you gotta start fast with the Detroit Lions, and to me, the way to start fast is to establish the run game so that it opens up a play-action game and a passing game that you can start getting Dallas. Gear up to stop the run and now you faked it and you’d thrown one on ’em. It’s in my mind and I know absolutely nothing about football.

Just looking at what I’ve seen about these two teams it looks like that’d be the smart way to go about it, is to establish that run and then use it to get the play action involved and take advantage of the fact that Dak might be a little rusty to start, might not be able to answer touchdown for touchdown, might be getting a couple of field goal tries in there instead, and maybe be able to actually, fight the Cowboys.

For the first half before they come back out in the second half and beat the brakes off the Detroit Lions’ defense with Dak looking a little bit more like himself. It’s gonna be, it’s a tall task, that’s for sure. 

Ryan: Yeah. So you’re saying bet the mortgage on Detroit Lions’ first-half money line. I hear you.

Matt: There you go. 

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