Detroit Lions Close Out Green Bay Packers’ Playoff Hopes with 20-16 Victory

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Detroit Lions Fans Are Feeling Great Right Now

Eric Vincent: Detroit Sports Nation, Detroit Lions fans. I truly hope you are as happy and feeling as great as I’m feeling right now, man, the Detroit Lions putting a stamp on a season with so much expectation, with so much excitement that we had coming into the year. And putting an exclamation point on it in the best way possible given the circumstance gives me so much joy and got me smiling from ear to ear right now, man.

A 20 to 16 victory to close out the Green Bay Packers’ chance and Aaron Rodgers. Chance of getting into the playoffs, you said no and took day hard out in Lambeau field on the frozen tundra. We hear about it all the time. You stood up to ’em on their home field, the House of Horrors, that’s tortured Detroit Lions fans for decades, and you stood up to them tall, did whatever you had to do.

Did everything you had to do to come out as the victor in this game, and you did exactly that. Detroit Lions fans, you should be happy today. You should be feeling great. You should be in a fantastic mood. I know, I know. It was a little sour to find out that the Detroit Lions will not be playing for a playoff spot because Seattle won.

They beat the Rams and unfortunately that’s what happens when you start off one in. They’re a young team. They did get off to a great start. A lot of coaching mistakes and a lot of growing pains of a young team that put you behind the eight ball. And I’m sure the Detroit Lions are gonna feel that. I’m sure they’re talking about it.

A lot of guys said they didn’t even pay attention to the game, so they could stay focused on Green Bay. And I respect them saying that publicly and keeping that mindset. And if that was the case, then good for them. But it hurts a little bit knowing that. But again, there was still something to play. There was still plenty to play for if you asked me now, maybe not so much for the Detroit Lions in terms of, continuation to play through the season, but for a team that wanted to really establish themselves, DeShon Elliott said it.

Lions Don’t Feel Respected By The Packers

Eric Vincent: They don’t feel respected by the Packers or the NFL and want to change that narrative. Jamaal Williams said the same thing after the game when they won. Stop playing with us. He said it repeatedly. We, the Detroit Lions stop playing with us. And we felt that we as fans felt that because anybody that watched any of the pregame hype in coverage, there were a lot of people saying, oh, the Detroit Lions are exciting, they’re fun, da da da, but nobody was picking the Detroit Lions.

Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers sitting there chumming it up together on their show, talking junk about the Detroit Lions, and Aaron Rodgers eating it all up, just laughing, having a good old time. Like we saw all that, man, we saw all that. We saw all that coverage, and this was our opportunity to change all that. Even during the game, anybody who had to suffer through the love fest of the Packers by Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth on every break that they had just overdoing it, and every break they had to sit up here comparing Aaron Rodgers’ feet to Brett Favre’s feet.

They Wanted This To Be Another Moment For Aaron Rodgers

Eric Vincent: Talking about, oh, hunters could be his chance to go away and have another shot at the postseason and all that garbage. Even when he walked out and they did the zoom-in on Aaron Rodgers on his way back to the tunnel and he told the cameraman to step back and get away from him. Yeah, I heard that. We caught that they wanted it.

It was so clear that they wanted this to be another moment for Aaron Rodgers. We heard it all week. And you rip that away in beautiful fashion, and it’s something about the division too. You finished five and one in the division. You finished nine and eight for the record you finished. That gives you an above 500 record for the first time since 2017.

But again, it’s something about the division that makes this so sweet. Finishing five and one, obviously the Vikings game stings, but performing so well in the division. It would be one thing if let’s say the Detroit Lions played the Jets or the Panthers to close out in the final game of the season and let’s say eat, no matter who they played in the final game they won, it wouldn’t feel the same.

It wouldn’t feel as satisfied if it were the Jets that the Detroit Lions beat to close the season out in comparison to what it feels like to go to the Lambeau field and beat down Aaron Rodgers and close the door in his playoff opportunity. That is so satisfying. That is so satisfying. In the beginning, it wouldn’t really hit the same if it was a Jets game, it wouldn’t have that same, kind of look.

And if you look at a lot of the wins that the Detroit Lions had this season, the home game against the Vikings, the road game against the Bears, the home beat down against the Bears, and now this sweep of the Packers. Some of the most satisfying victories of the season have come within the division, and that’s a big thing to think about because this team has not won a division title in too long.

That has to change. You wanna check off these little benchmarks for this young team, like you want to be able to finish 500, you wanna win division titles, you wanna host a playoff game at home. You want to be able to do these things to help build up for that found. And I think that’s gonna happen. I think you’re seeing that for them.

I think even without getting into the playoffs, they’re still playing in big game scenarios where they had to win to stay alive, to have a chance to get to the playoffs. And they did. They didn’t win all their games. You won the last eight of 10. Those two losses hurt, but they played good football outside the Panthers game probably.

That was the ugliest game they played through this stretch. Outside of that, they’ve been playing some pretty good football for these past several. And I’m very impressed with him, man. Again, this is on the back of a young budding foundation that is built by Brad Holmes. Beautifully, beautifully.

See these young rookies play so great, these young second-year players playing fantastically. Jared Goff, having a revival season for his career after people wrote him off, Myself included, in that trade from the Rams. I didn’t have a lot of high hopes for Jared Goff. I didn’t think he was gonna be much more than a bridge quarterback. But he has performed, he has outperformed his expectations.

The Detroit Lions Rookies Have Outperformed Expectations

Eric Vincent: The rookies have outperformed their expectations. And I said it, if you play on a primetime stage, it reworks some narratives and some mindsets for the young players. It helps these guys. Aidan Hutchinson, I think should be going into next season with a sky load of confidence, right now. He should be super excited for what he can do next season, knowing what you can add to this defensive line in the draft with the number six pick, and knowing the steps he can take in his second year finishing with the way he did today.

Two sacks, giving him nine and a half sacks on the year. Three interceptions, and two fumble recoveries. To me, again, I think he should be leading the defensive rookie of the year voting. I truly believe that. I know Sauce Gardner has been the eyes-on favorite throughout the season. I think Hutch has caught him at this point because Hutch is affecting different parts of the game.

Detroit Lions vs green bay packers

Sauce is elite at one part of the defense, and I’m okay with that. That’s great, especially for a rookie cornerback. But for me, you see Hutch making plays in coverage, making stops in run support, getting to the quarterback in a plethora of different ways, creating opportunities for the other members on the defensive line as he takes on double teams as he gets held.

Like those things show his impact and the way he played today shows it. And I think the way he dominated, really put some people on notice. They zoomed in on him a lot. They gave him a lot of FaceTime and gave him a lot of love. And it was because he was playing well. If he wasn’t playing well, they wouldn’t be giving him any FaceTime.

They would say, what’s going on with Hutch? And they’ll move on. But clearly, he was popping off the screen for a reason and had one of the best games of the year at a perfect time. So this was huge for him. Man, this was a huge season for Hutch. Without question, validating that number two pick. It shouldn’t be a discussion at this.

Anybody wanted Kayvon Thibodeaux anybody else who wanted anyone else besides that should be a dead conversation at this point. Hutch looks like every bit of that pick that we expected him to be. He helped turn around this season. Hutch looks fantastic, man, and he deserves all the respect and kudos for what he did this year as in this game today.

Jamaal Williams Beats A Barry Sanders Record

Eric Vincent: So shout out the hutch, Jamaal Williams. Two touchdowns for Jamaal. It has gotta mean something to him. It’s gotta mean something for him to have the only touchdowns in the game for the Detroit Lions, and to help close out and give the Detroit Lions the lead against your old team in their old building, his first four seasons, Jamaal Williams spent as a Green Bay Packer and he said it.

He said in the interviews and they cut me. I had to get a rebound, and he got to the Detroit Lions. And he’s been an absolute sensation for the Detroit Lions man. The Detroit Lions should be super happy with what they did for him, and he should be super happy with what he did for them. So again, 17 touchdowns rushing touchdowns, the closeout for the year, which surpasses Barry Sanders for the record of franchise-leading rushing touchdowns for a season that now belongs to Jamaal Williams of 17.

Barry had 16. It is now Jamaal’s record, so congratulations to Jamaal, and again, it’s doing it against your old team man. It’s gotta be a little bit sentimental. I know he cried a lot about his family and his grandfather and how that meant a lot. And what it meant to play for the Detroit Lions.

So I felt like, he came in very motivated. I felt like playing against your old team, maybe had a little bit of that chip on his shoulder and it got him into a rhythm because the run game started off super slow, super slow in the first half, but he really gotta go on in the second half.

Detroit Lions Vs. Green Bay Packers: Not An Easy Watch

Eric Vincent: Got some big first downs, really moved the chains, and gave some short yardage situations for the offense to work with. Really made some big plays for him. Created some opportunity for D’Andre Swift, who made some awesome plays and a lot. This stuff was, it wasn’t always easy to watch either. This was not an easy watch from start to finish.

Again, the offense started out super slow. Detroit Lions made a lot of bad mistakes, a lot of bad penalties, and a lot of terrible officiating that we not gonna get into because luckily we were able to survive it all, but the refs didn’t do the Detroit Lions any favors in this game. Let’s be very clear. But it’s all good. We don’t need to apologize to anybody for that.

Jameson Williams Was Clearly Upset

Eric Vincent: We got the win. We took care of business, but it wasn’t easy. It was not easy. I mean, to me it was a backbreaker watching Jamo catch that touchdown and they had to catch it back because of a hold against the offensive guard. Oh, that was nasty. And you can see Jamo was clearly upset too.

I want him to, hopefully, somebody could get in his ear to be able to keep his emotions a little more in check and, rounded. So he doesn’t look like he’s making so much of a public display, but to an extent, I understand some of his frustration. He didn’t try to get in another play.

They threw another, pass his way. He dropped it. It looks like he didn’t, he didn’t really see, get to see any kind of rapport between Jared Goff and Jameson Williams this season. It’s unfortunate, man. It was unfortunate because it was a lot of high expectations for Jamo, but we did get to see at the very least what that big play ability looks like.

We saw it on that end round. We saw it on the touchdown against the Vikings, and you even saw it in this game, even if the play didn’t count, you saw how fast he was on the takeoff, how quick he out-sprinted them. It sucks. It didn’t get the account, we got to see what it looked like. And I think the future is bright for this kid and this offense.

I think it truly is. And you gotta be excited for what you’re seeing man. Again. And real quick, actually before we come, the offense, gotta give love to the man, Kirby Joseph, who has Aaron Rodgers’ number for this season, got his third pick of the year. He coulda had four, honestly, maybe even five. I think he dropped one.

One was called back then he caught because of a penalty. I think they called Kaminsky for an illegal hand to the face. So he coulda had maybe four or five interceptions this game. But he wanted to make sure he walked out with his one. He got a pick and he got the ball back with three and a half minutes. To close the game, which is not easy because you’re a young, inexperienced team.

Amazing Play By Amon Ra St. Brown

Eric Vincent: You wanna see the lights, be able to sustain drives, and make sure you don’t give your opponent extra opportunities to come back. And that’s exactly what they did. With three and a half minutes left methodically, moved down the field first down at the first down, ran methodically and beautifully with Jamaal Williams, an unbelievably crazy play with Amon Ra St. Brown, where it looks like he’s wobbling the ball with his legs.

And then they look at the replay and it turns out that they originally called it incomplete. The ball was babbling on his legs and it never touches the ground. So by the time he turns around, he has the ball in his hand and it ends up being a first down for the Detroit Lions. Unbelievably crazy, but that’s not where it stops because we also saw a play where the Detroit Lions were back on second and 17 if I’m not mistaken.

They throw a screen to Amon Ra St. Brown behind the line of scrimmage. D’Andre Swift is behind him, and they flip his pitch to D’Andre. Some schoolyard-type stuff to scramble around for 14 yards and get them in a position where they can now go for a more manageable position to get that first down, which they end up doing in the clutch.

Unbelievable fashion to my man, DJ Chark. DJ Chark had an absolute revival in the second half of the season. I had to listen to people on social media, tell me how he’s so much more impactful and used as a decoy as if decoys can’t catch passes as well. And he caught the biggest pass of the game on a fourth-and-one conversion to ice the game where there were no more timeouts for the Packers.

No more time on the clock and no more opportunity for them to take the game. And you put them down where you iced off three and a half minutes in the clutch to give Aaron Rodgers no opportunity to do anything for the game. Unbelievable man. Unbelievable way to end the season nine and eight. A winning record for the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions Are Now Into Draft Season

Eric Vincent: And now you get to go into the draft. We get to now go into the draft season after the regular season is over. We’re normally in draft mode in like December or November. Early last year, but now we can look at it this year. We can look at it from this point, and see how the draft was gonna play out, which could be very interesting.

Now that the Chicago Bears have the number one overall pick and the Texans have the number two. The draft is gonna be crazy. I’m super excited for the draft and I’m super excited to see how the Detroit Lions are gonna build off it. See what they can add to this team. See what they can add to this franchise, this foundation, and the steps that they can take next season under Brad Holmes with his leadership, and Dan Campbell’s leadership.

Hopefully, we can keep Ben Johnson in the fold. Hopefully, we can keep Aaron Glenn. The Detroit Lions should be very, very proud and very happy about what they did. You saw the fans who traveled and gave them a lot of love. There was so much love going for ’em on social media. We up here poured up, celebrating the best way we can because the Detroit Lions did what we wanted to see them do.

Man, stand up to the big bad Packers. Take them down, take their heart out the way they’ve taken ours out so many. It was in a beautiful fashion, in a very dramatic fashion, but it worked out in the end. Man, I’m so proud of this team man, and I cannot wait to see what they do with the seasons off. It’s gonna be fantastic.

Talk to me in the comments. I’d love to hear from you. Lions fans, Packers fans. If you’re mad, make your way to the comments as well. I’d love to hear from you, but I really wanna hear what your guys’ thoughts are about the game. What are your thoughts on the season? What are you most expecting for next season?

What are you most excited to see in the off-season? I’d love to hear from you. Make sure you like the video as well and subscribe to the channel. If you’re new to the channel, help us ramp up on our way to 6,000 subscribers. We would greatly appreciate that love and support. Tap in with us on social media as well.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and all the above. Search and follow Detroit Sports Nation and tap in with me as well @IamEricVincent. Thank you so much for your love and support Detroit Lions fans. We appreciate you so much for wrapping up the regular season in beautiful fashion. 

Make sure you tap in with me on Beyond the Box Monday, seven o’clock with AJ Riley. We’re gonna be unfolding and unwrapping the entire Detroit Lion season. We’re gonna be peeking into the playoffs as well. Make sure you lock in with us as well. Subscribe to the channel, you get an instant notification as soon as we go live at seven o’clock on Monday.

Subscribe so you can check us out on Beyond the Box. Thank you, guys, so much for all your support. It’s been a really wild, wild ride on this Detroit Lions’ season, man. But listen, we did it. If anybody’s built for it, it’s the best fan base in the world. Detroit Lions fans. We deserve the happiness, man. I’m so happy for us.

I’ll be back to see you guys again soon with another update right here from the DSN News Desk. Peace.

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