Detroit Lions’ Darius Slay amazed by Christian McCaffrey (because he is ‘white’)

When the Detroit Lions will host the Carolina Panthers on, they will have their work cut out for them as they will be faced with stopping one of the most versatile running backs in the NFL, Christian McCaffrey.

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So far this season, McCaffrey has made opposing defenses look silly as he has racked up 123 carries for 579 yards and to go along with 54 catches for 439 yards while scoring eight total touchdowns. His 1,118 all-purpose yards rank him No. 8 in the league among running backs.

One Lions’ defender who is extremely impressed with McCaffrey is cornerback, Darius Slay. Slay is clearly amazed that a “white” running back like McCaffrey is doing what he is doing at this level.

Quotes from Detroit Free Press:

“I just never saw a white guy do it like that,” Slay said. “He goes ham out there and like he plays on an elite level at the running back. (Most) white running backs (are known for) running folks over, he be out there shaking them and doing all what he needs to do, and catch it in the air. So he’s special. He’s special.”

Slay says McCaffrey reminds him of his teammate, Theo Riddick.

“He’s a Theo Riddick, that’s what it is,” Slay said. “Great at it and can run between the tackles. Great guy. Great speed. Great vision. He’s very talented, man, at a young age. For him to be young with a lot on his shoulders, he handles it pretty well, so it’s exciting to watch him on film. I like watching him. Smooth.”

“I’m like, ‘Man, this man is exciting,'” Slay said. “Oh my goodness. He was smooth out there. He does his thing now. He does his thing.”

The Lions cornerback seems to thing McCaffrey is a unicorn.

“It’s just like, that’s just new in our days,” Slay said. “Like have you ever seen one like that? … Me either. I mean, like, shoot. I didn’t either. He’s first. The first of a kind. That’s fire. He’s on it. Like he be shaking folks.”

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