Detroit Lions Darius Slay’s comment about turnovers will have you rolling

If you are a Detroit Lions fan and have followed Darius Slay throughout his career in the Motor City, you have had the opportunity to watch him develop into one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, bar none. Not only is he outstanding in coverage but he has made a big play for the Lions more than once when they needed it the most.

But Slay’s play on the field is just part of what makes him the person he is. In fact, if you have ever listened to him in an interview, or read his comments to the media, you have most likely walked away either shaking your head, laughing, or both.

Well, in his latest session with the media, Slay certainly did not let us down.

On Thursday, the Lions were in Indianapolis for the first of two joint practices with the Colts and “Big Play” Slay had himself a day as he had not one, but two interceptions before all was said and done. Following the practice, Slay talked about his goal of living up to his nickname even more in 2017.

“Oh yeah, that’s my goal: contribute more picks to the team and create more turnovers for the team,” Slay said after practice. “Just lead the team. That’s all I”m trying to do is lead the team in the right direction and become one of the best in the game and help our team become one of the best in the league.”

In 2016, Slay only had two interceptions, though it’s important to note that opposing quarterbacks, in general, try their best to stay away from his side of the field. He knows forcing turnovers can be crucial and that by working on things like tip drills and stripping the ball, a player can improve their ability to force more of them.

“If you don’t practice it, then you don’t do it in the game,” said Slay. “Now we are practicing so it’s kind of common when you make a  tackle to strip, or [catching a ball on the] sideline [with] two feet in.”

But the best part of the interview came when Slay was asked if he believes turnovers are contagious.

“Yeah, it’s like the chickenpox. If I touch one and you touch me, you might get one too.”

Let’s hope the Lions are forcing a ton of turnovers this season and doing a lot of touching. (Ok, that sounded a bit odd but you get the point.)

H/T to WJR for quotes.


Written by Don Drysdale

I am a fan of all Detroit sports and LOVE to write about them!

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