Detroit Lions’ DB C.J. Gardner-Johnson Sends Warning to former teammate

In a recent interview on FanDuel's Up & Adams, Detroit Lions defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson didn't hold back when discussing his upcoming matchup against wide receiver Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints in Week 13 of the 2023 NFL season. Gardner-Johnson, who previously played alongside Thomas in New Orleans, sent a clear warning to his former teammate, indicating that he knows what to expect on the field. The history between the two players, including a practice altercation that resulted in Thomas being suspended, adds an extra layer of intensity to their first meeting in the NFL.

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Detroit Lions Eagles

Key Points:

  • C.J. Gardner-Johnson calls out Michael Thomas ahead of the Lions' game against the Saints.
  • The two players have a history dating back to their time together in New Orleans.
  • Thomas was suspended in 2020 after an altercation with Gardner-Johnson during practice.
  • This will be the first time Gardner-Johnson and Thomas face each other in an NFL game.

Detroit Lions’ DB C.J. Gardner-Johnson Sends Warning to former teammate

Here is what Gardner-Johnson had to say about Michael Thomas:

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“He know what time it is,” Gardner-Johnson. “And I’m not gonna say nothing about that. He know what time it is.

“Listen, he better not come out with that crazy stuff. Keep it on the field, keep it at that.”

What led to this?

In a reported incident during the 2020 season, ESPN's Adam Schefter revealed that Michael Thomas had engaged in an altercation with a teammate during practice, leading to the Saints suspending him for Week 5. Furthermore, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported that Thomas had specifically punched C.J. Gardner-Johnson during this practice fight.

Intense rivalry brewing between former teammates

The tension between Gardner-Johnson and Michael Thomas sets the stage for an exciting matchup between the Lions and the Saints. The animosity between the two players adds an extra layer of competitiveness to the game, as Gardner-Johnson looks to prove himself against his former teammate. This rivalry not only adds to the individual storylines but also creates a captivating narrative for fans and media alike.

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