Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn has challenge for Josh Paschal

Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn has challenge for Josh Paschal.

Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn has challenge for Josh Paschal

Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has identified a key area of improvement for the team's defense: the pass rush. Glenn specifically pointed out the need for Josh Paschal to elevate his game. With opposing teams often double-teaming Aidan Hutchinson and containing Alim McNeill, the Lions have struggled to win their one-on-one matchups. Glenn sees Paschal, a second-round draft pick, as the player who can make a difference.

Aaron Glenn insists Detroit Lions Aaron Glenn has challenge for Josh Paschal

What did Aaron Glenn Say?

While Josh Paschal has shown promise, particularly against the run, unlocking his potential in the pass rush is crucial.

“We need that player to be able to do that,” Glenn said about Paschal.

“Because besides Hutch, Mac, I mean, Paschal has to be that guy,” said Glenn. “Because he has that ability.”

“The thing now is, man, he has to take it to another level. I mean, we drafted this player in the second round and he’s had glimpses of what you saw that last game,” said Glenn, noting that Paschal has been reliable against the run. “Now we have to unlock the pass rush part of it to be able to transition from run to pass. And he's busting his butt to be able to do that.”

“That’s really the focal point, to be honest with you,” said Glenn. “Everybody knows what Hutch can do. It’s just getting all of our other guys … to be able to create some pressure like that.”

Glenn's emphasis on Paschal’s development is a clear signal of the team's strategy: relying on internal improvement rather than seeking external solutions (The Lions did not add a pass rusher at the trade deadline). This approach is a significant gamble that could define the Lions' season, especially with the team recording only two sacks in the past three games.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Aaron Glenn calls for Josh Paschal to elevate his game.
  2. Paschal's development is crucial to strengthen the Lions' pass rush.
  3. The team's strategy focuses on internal improvement over external acquisitions.

The Bottom Line – A Season-Defining Moment

In essence, the challenge laid down by Aaron Glenn for Josh Paschal is more than just a call for improved performance; it's a strategic move with far-reaching implications. Paschal's ability to respond to this challenge and elevate his game could be a defining moment for the Detroit Lions’ season. The bottom line is that the Lions absolutely MUST find a way to wreak havoc for opposing quarterbacks.