Aaron Glenn insists Detroit Lions still have ‘Pretty damn good defense’

Aaron Glenn insists Detroit Lions still have 'Pretty damn good defense' despite getting lit up up by the Chargers.

Aaron Glenn insists Detroit Lions still have ‘Pretty damn good defense'

The Detroit Lions‘ recent defensive struggle against the Los Angeles Chargers has been a topic of much discussion among fans and analysts alike. In a game where the Lions allowed 421 yards of offense and 38 points, including five consecutive touchdown drives by the Chargers, questions have arisen about the Lions' defensive capability against top-tier offenses in the NFL. Yet, Lions' defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn remains unfazed and confident.

Aaron Glenn insists Detroit Lions

What did Aaron Glenn Say?

Acknowledging the skill of Chargers' quarterback Justin Herbert, Glenn emphasizes that the Lions' defense has seen significant improvement from the last season. He points out that they have evolved from being a bottom-tier defense to a top-10 defense this year, highlighting their achievements in various statistical categories.

“He got into a rhythm and he got hot,” Glenn said. “And they have some pieces there as far as sill positions. To try to take Keenan Allen out and try to take (Austin) Ekeler out, that’s a tough duty. There’s a reason why they’re one of the top offenses in this league. Man, you’ve got to try to hold on as best you can.”

“We know who we are. Last year, we were the last ranked defense and I think we’re a top-10 defense this year,” Glenn said. “That’s a really, really huge improvement. As far as knowing who we are, we know that. We now have the capability to go out there and play really, really good ball. There’s no secret to why we rank up there pretty high. That’s on third down and that’s in other categories, too.”

“This is the NFL, that’s what that is and it happens,” Glenn said. “I mean, no one thought Cleveland to put 30-something points on Baltimore, but it did. And again, this is not peewee football, fellas. This is the NFL, so things happen and, man you fight your ass off every week to make sure it doesn’t and our guys do a damn good job of that.”

“I think so many people get caught up in, ‘This is what happened against this game, against a really good quarterback.’ And, I mean, all hell breaks loose Well, no it didn’t,” Glenn said. “Guys, we’re still a pretty damn good defense.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Lions faced a tough game against the Chargers, conceding 38 points.
  2. Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn remains optimistic about the team's progress.
  3. Despite setbacks, the Lions' defense shows significant year-over-year improvement.

Bottom Line – Lions' Roaring Comeback

Aaron Glenn's unwavering confidence in the Detroit Lions defense, despite their recent stumble against the Chargers, speaks volumes about the team's spirit and resilience. It's not just about bouncing back from a tough game; it's about recognizing the journey and growth of a team that refuses to be defined by a single performance.

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