Detroit Lions fan calls out Darius Slay for retweeting anti-Lions message

This coming weekend, the Detroit Lions will travel to Lambeau Field to take on the hated Green Bay Packers.

This, of course, means there will be plenty of trash talk between Lions’ and Packers’ fans leading up to Sunday’s game.

On Thursday, the Lions official Twitter account tweeted out some photos of the team prepping for the big game. That tweet was then quote tweeted by a disgruntled Lions fan (@de9roit) with the message, “Prepping to get their ass whooped.”

Now, this is no big deal as there are a lot of fans upset about the Lions blowing a huge lead against the Chicago Bears in Week 1.

But what is interesting is that former Lions CB Darius Slay, who happens to follow @de9roit on Twitter, retweeted it.

Check it out.

Following Slay’s retweet, Lions fan @DetroitMoments called out Slay.

After getting called out, Slay responded, “Funny guy!!” Then Slay went on to say that the retweet was “an accident.”

Slay then blamed the retweet on having a “big thumb.”

Nation, are you buying Slay’s excuse? Or is he quickly becoming the next Eric Ebron?