Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson explains why he sits alone after every offensive drive

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson explains why he sits alone after each and every offensive drive, whether it ended up in a touchdown or a turnover.

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson explains why he sits alone after every offensive drive

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson might've been new to the role last season, but his results were anything but novice. After an outstanding debut season that had him being eyed for head coaching roles, the question that lingered in the minds of many was: What's his secret? During a recent interview, Johnson provided a glimpse into his unique ritual of isolating himself after each offensive drive.

Ben Johnson explains why he sits alone Detroit Lions

What Did Ben Johnson Say?

According to Johnson, this tactic isn't just about catching a breather. It's a calculated strategy to ensure he remains composed and that every move made on the field aligns with the master game plan.

“I can’t give away all my secrets,” Johnson expressed. “No, I take a little bit of time, within a drive. Sometimes I can get a little emotional — either way, highs and lows. So before I talk to anybody, I just want to make sure that I’m seeing that series as it unfolded and not necessarily a reaction that I might’ve had, good play or bad play. But it’s to collect my thought for the next series. Are they doing anything that I wasn’t expecting? Certainly, during the preseason, I kind of keep a distance and let the coaches coach. I become a little bit more active during the regular season though in terms of talking to any position group.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson's successful debut season sparked curiosity about his tactics.
  2. Johnson isolates himself post-drive to evaluate strategy and maintain composure.
  3. This practice ensures clarity and calculated decisions for subsequent series.
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Bottom Line – Solitary Refinement

You know, in the wild whirlwind of the NFL, where blitzes, touchdowns, and roaring crowds dominate the scene, Johnson's little ritual sticks out like a Honolulu Blue thumb. He parks himself, takes a breather, recalibrates. It might sound odd to some, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Johnson's solo moments aren't just about catching his breath; they're his secret sauce, his game-day mojo. In a league where everyone's always looking for an edge, Johnson's found his in stillness amidst the storm. Call it quirky, call it genius – but it's all part of the playbook in Johnson's gridiron universe. Who would have thought the path to the end zone sometimes requires a pit stop?

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