Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson garnering ‘Unwavering fixation’ from NFL owner

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson garnering 'Unwavering fixation' from NFL owner Where do you think Johnson coaches in 2024?

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson garnering ‘Unwavering fixation' from NFL owner

A recent report by Jason La Canfora unveiled the persistent and unyielding interest of Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper in Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. According to La Canfora, Tepper’s infatuation with Johnson has only intensified since the conclusion of the 2022 season.

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Ben Johnson Turned Down Tepper in 2022

In the aftermath of last year’s coaching search, Johnson appeared to be the leading contender for the Panthers' head coaching position. However, just as the stars aligned, Johnson unexpectedly withdrew himself from consideration, opting to remain in Detroit. This surprising turn of events left Tepper impassioned and seemingly fixated on the elusive coordinator.

Tepper Reportedly is Not Giving up on Johnson

Described as a billionaire unaccustomed to rejection, Tepper’s desire for Johnson has only grown stronger since his initial refusal to join the Carolina Panthers. Reports suggest that Tepper remains resolute in his pursuit, seemingly undeterred by the notion that the Panthers‘ head coaching role might not be appealing enough to entice a top-tier candidate like Johnson.

From The Washington Post:

With each passing day, I hear more and more about the unflinching and unwavering fixation Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has with Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson.

A billionaire not used to being told no, Tepper if anything has only grown more passionate about the guy who snubbed him a year ago to remain in Detroit. Some are convinced Tepper will keep throwing money Johnson’s way, though few in the coaching and general manager ranks believe the Carolina opening is nearly attractive enough to land a top candidate such as Johnson.

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One unnamed general manager articulated the depth of Tepper's fixation:

“He wants him now more than ever,” one general manager said of Tepper. “That’s part of the reason [Panthers General Manager Scott Fitterer] is still there, because Tepper is convinced that he can help him get Johnson to come there.”

The Persuasive Power of Wealth

Speculation abounds that Tepper is prepared to open the coffers, employing financial incentives in an attempt to sway Johnson’s decision. However, doubts linger within the NFL's coaching and management circles regarding the attractiveness of the Panthers‘ offer compared to other potential destinations for a coveted coach like Johnson.

With the saga of Tepper’s fixation on Johnson unfolding, the future remains uncertain. As the NFL offseason progresses, all eyes are on whether Tepper’s determination and the allure of the Carolina Panthers will ultimately win over the talented Detroit Lions offensive coordinator.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Tepper's Unrelenting Pursuit: David Tepper's unyielding desire for Ben Johnson has only intensified since Johnson declined the Carolina Panthers head coaching role a year ago.
  2. Financial Temptations: Speculations suggest Tepper might resort to offering significant financial incentives to sway Johnson, but doubts persist regarding the appeal of the Panthers‘ offer.
  3. A Complex Future: As the offseason unfolds, the NFL community eagerly awaits the outcome of Tepper's pursuit and whether Johnson will be enticed to join the Carolina Panthers.

Bottom Line: Time Will Tell

In the whirlwind of coaching speculation and team dynamics, the NFL landscape eagerly awaits the resolution of David Tepper’s unwavering quest for Ben Johnson, marking a pivotal moment that could potentially reshape the fortunes of both the Carolina Panthers and the esteemed Detroit Lions.