Ranking MLB’s Top Front Offices: No Tigers in Sight

Major League Baseball’s Best Think Tanks: Industry Execs Weigh In On top Front Offices

Who ranks atop MLB’s brainpower hierarchy? The Athletic’s comprehensive polling of 40 high-level executives reveals which teams are playing chess while others play checkers. These decision-makers — many who’ve sat in the hot seat themselves — know that being a pioneering club requires collaboration, innovation, and sometimes, a dash of daring. Here’s a review of the leading minds steering baseball’s most lauded front offices.

Meet the Elite Front Offices

A rundown of the survey yields no surprises at the pinnacle of power; The Los Angeles Dodgers lead with 284 points and 19 first-place votes. Andrew Friedman, the President of Baseball Operations, has an admirable track record, making the postseason every year of his tenure. The Dodgers’ formula involves savvy drafting and a knack for bolstering their roster through key trades and signings.

Not far behind, the Tampa Bay Rays amassed 258 points and 12 nods for the top spot. Under Erik Neander’s leadership, they’ve kept their competitive edge, earning praise for their adeptness in scouting and player evaluation despite their modest budget.

The Atlanta Braves, with 130 points and three votes for first place, are lauded for their contract extensions and trades under Alex Anthopoulos. His steady hand has built a powerhouse that continues to accrue victories and accolades.

The last two rounding up the top five are Cleveland Guardians (101 points) and the Baltimore Orioles (91 points). They have drawn commendations for their strong pitching development and swift postseason resurgence, respectively. The Detroit Tigers come in with a shallow score of 4 points on the report.

Each of these organizations has shown they’re not just keeping up with the times but frequently setting the pace.

The Methodology Breakdown

  • The survey asked execs to list their top five front offices.
  • Points were awarded on a 10-7-5-3-1 scale from first to fifth place.
  • The responses highlighted organizations for stability, innovation, and performance.

By the Numbers: MLB’s Front Office Rankings

Front Offices

These point totals represent the collective wisdom of decision-makers across baseball:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers: 284 points
  • Tampa Bay Rays: 258 points
  • Atlanta Braves: 130 points
  • Cleveland Guardians: 101 points
  • Baltimore Orioles: 91 points

What They’re Saying

Dodgers’ dominance and Friedman’s place at the chessboard is undisputed. “[They are] elite at everything”, said an executive, reflecting industry sentiment. Meanwhile, the efficiency and cleverness of the Rays did not go unnoticed, with one executive admiring their ability to “constantly acquire undervalued guys.” Anthopoulos’ knack for being “engaged, open and honest” is what an executive believes gives the Braves their edge. — What are the Top 10 front offices in MLB? Here’s how 40 executives voted – The Athletic

Reflections on Success

The front offices are the strategic centers where moves are planned, talents are nurtured, and victories are conceived. It’s where the game’s brightest minds stay ahead of the curve, working tirelessly to outmaneuver the competition. The rankings offer insight into which clubs might get it right this season and beyond, reflecting on a blend of strong leadership, bold strategies, and future-forward thinking.


  • Los Angeles Dodgers top the ranks for MLB’s best front office, as per 40 executives.
  • Tampa Bay Rays and Atlanta Braves round out the top three with their forward-thinking approaches.
  • Surveys asked execs for top 5 front offices and assigned points for each rank, from 10 for first to 1 for fifth.

The full story reflects the work that goes beyond the diamond, shaping the league’s competitive landscape from the top. It reveals an ecosystem of brilliant minds, calculating plays that we eventually cheer for under the bright stadium lights.

Written by Jeff Bilbrey

Founder of Detroit Sports Nation - Jeff Bilbrey manages the day to day operations of Detroit Sports Nation as well as all content delivery systems, ad networks and social platforms. Email him at [email protected]

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