Detroit Lions LT Taylor Decker misses first practice of Week 2

Detroit Lions LT Taylor Decker misses first practice of Week 2

Detroit Lions LT Taylor Decker misses first practice of Week 2

The Detroit Lions resumed practice on Tuesday afternoon, and according to reports, one key player was missing from action. That player, not surprisingly, was LT Taylor Decker, who hurt his ankle during the Lions Week 1 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Decker was seen leaving the Lions' locker room wearing a boot following the big win over the Chiefs, causing many to wonder how serious his injury was.

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Why it Matters

Since Decker played every offense snap against the Chiefs, the thought is that Decker's injury is something minor. On Saturday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and gave an update on Decker.

“Deck’s a tough SOB, man,” Campbell told reporters. “To watch him battle out there, it was impressive. We’ll know a lot more in a few days, but I’m encouraged because I know, there again, he finished out that game.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Taylor Decker's Absence from Practice: The Detroit Lions' left tackle, Taylor Decker, was notably absent from practice following their Week 1 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.
  2. Positive Signs for Decker: Despite the initial worries surrounding Decker's injury, there is optimism within the Lions' camp. Head coach Dan Campbell praised Decker's toughness and commitment, highlighting his ability to play through the injury during the Chiefs game.
  3. Awaiting Further Updates: While Decker's absence from practice may raise questions, the Lions are taking a cautious approach to assess his condition thoroughly.
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Bottom Line: Fingers Crossed

Taylor Decker's absence from practice following his ankle injury in Week 1 has raised concerns, but Lions head coach Dan Campbell's positive comments about Decker's toughness and performance offer a glimmer of hope. Fans and the team await further updates on the extent of Decker's injury, which will determine his availability for future games.