Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood says team ownership are ‘fans first’

How many times have you heard it over the years? “The Ford family does not care about winning and they do not care about Detroit Lions fans!”

Personally, I have heard this over and over again during my lifetime and though I do not believe Lions ownership has done a good job of running their franchise, I 100% believe they care about winning and about Lions' fans.

In a recent interview with Dan Miller, Lions team president Rod Wood talked about the Ford family and how they (specifically Martha Ford and new owner Sheila Ford Hamp) are fans first and owners second.

“They care with every fiber of their body as to what is going on on the field,” Wood said. “They are fans first, I would say, and owners second. They know how much the fans want to win and they know that it is their responsibility to deliver that to the fans.”

To hear the full interview, which is 26:24 in length, please click on the YouTube link below.