Aaron Brule Former MSU LB Tackles the Tough Topic of Transfers

Inside the Article:

Aaron Brule, former Michigan State linebacker, has been proactive off the field, weighing in on the recent spate of transfers from MSU’s football program. Brule, who transferred himself from Mississippi State and is on the brink of beginning his journey with the New Orleans Saints at their rookie mini-camp, aired his concerns over players rushing into the transfer portal, seduced by short-term financial incentives.

Transfers in college football are no longer uncommon, with the transfer portal becoming an increasingly popular avenue for athletes seeking new opportunities. However, Brule’s core message is a cautionary plea for these young athletes to prioritize long-term career considerations over the immediate allure of potentially larger Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) contracts. He argues that the trend has gotten “out of hand,” indicating a need for guidance and support for these players making significant career decisions.

Behind the Scenes Dynamics

  • Aaron Brule comments on the flurry of MSU transfers and the influence of NIL deals.
  • Insider Justin Thind mentions that some behind-the-scenes activities would not be acceptable in professional sports or corporate environments.
  • Players are evidently influenced, possibly even pushed by agents, into renegotiating their NIL deals or threatening to transfer for more money.

What Aaron Brule and Justin Thind are Saying

Aaron Brule
Justin Thind via twitter.

Spartan Solidarity and the Future

This wave of exits and negotiations may serve individual financial interests but potentially undermine the team’s fabric and the players’ best long-term interests. These departures from MSU echo broader concerns in college football about engaging young athletes in a rat race for dollars, which might lead them away from engagement in programs that foster their growth and readiness for professional tiers.


  • Aaron Brule urges MSU football players to think about long-term career goals rather than temporary financial gains from transfers.
  • Influence of agents and renegotiations of NIL deals cause a concern among Spartan insiders.
  • The situation reflects broader issues surrounding the transfer portal and NIL in college sports.

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