Detroit Lions Waive Denzel Mims

Detroit Lions waive Denzel Mims: The writing was on the wall.

Detroit Lions Waive Denzel Mims

The Detroit Lions have decided to waive receiver Denzel Mims due to an injury designation, as reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. The hopes were high when Mims joined the Lions from the New York Jets just a month ago.

Detroit Lions Waive Denzel Mims

Why It Matters

The Lions, with a solid top-four receiving lineup including Amon-Ra St. Brown, Kalif Raymond, Josh Reynolds, and Marvin Jones Jr., sought depth, especially in the absence of Jameson Williams. But, fate had other plans for Mims. An injury struck him in the camp, from which recovery seemed promising but short-lived. During a joint practice session with the New York Giants, Mims suffered a calf injury during his rehab for an initial ankle ailment.

Writing On The Wall

Dan Campbell‘s vagueness during Thursday's press conference (Click here to see what he said), when questioned about Mims, added fuel to the speculation fire. The significant outcome here is the nullification of the conditional pick swap with the Jets, ensuring neither team loses out on draft picks.

Detroit Lions waive Denzel Mims Denzel Mims' days with Detroit Lions are numbered Jared Goff
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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  • The Detroit Lions made the decision to waive receiver Denzel Mims following his injuries.
  • Mims, formerly of the New York Jets, was acquired to deepen the Lions' receiving lineup, especially during Jameson Williams' suspension.
  • Despite initial optimism around Mims' recovery, he faced setbacks. His departure means that the conditional draft pick agreement with the Jets stands voided, with neither team facing a draft pick loss.

Bottom Line – Worth A Try

When the Lions originally traded for Mims, we noted that it was a no-risk situation for the team. Had it worked out, the Lions would add some talent to their wide receiver room. But since it did not work out, the Lions do not lose a draft pick.