A.J. Hinch Reminds Detroit Tigers Fans Why They Should Be Proud Of Their Team

A.J. Hinch Says His Team Will Make Detroit Tigers Fans Proud

In a scene reminiscent of a wild rollercoaster, the Detroit Tigers clinched a mind-bending victory over the Toronto Blue Jays, with Tigers manager A.J. Hinch at the helm, exuding a mix of disbelief and pride. The game, a Sunday brunch special that featured an 11:30 a.m. start, unfurled into a spectacle of runs, hits, and dramatic twists that left everyone at the edge of their seats.

A.J. Hinch Detroit Tigers

A Game to Remember

The game concluded in extraordinary fashion—a three-run homer by Matt Vierling sealed a 14-11 win in what can only be described as a cinematic finish. “Please don’t ask me to explain that,” Hinch remarked, unable to suppress a grin. “Just like we drew it up. Just like everyone thought a Sunday, 11:30 a.m. game would go. What a win.”

Throughout Sunday’s game at Comerica Park, fans witnessed a barrage of 25 runs, 31 hits, and seven home runs, making it a game for the history books. It was a display of resilience and sheer unpredictability that defines baseball at its finest. “There was a lot in that game to love and a few things not to love so much,” Hinch reflected. “But what an ending.”

Unpredictability and Perseverance

Hinch highlighted the chaotic yet thrilling nature of baseball, where logic often gives way to randomness. “Baseball is logical some days, but most of the days it’s more random than that,” he explained. This game was a testament to the team’s character, especially after a rocky start and multiple comebacks.

The Tigers’ journey through the game was emblematic of their season—fluctuating, challenging, but ultimately resilient. “It would be easy to feel sorry for ourselves,” Hinch admitted.

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A.J. Hinch Says His Team Will Make The Fans Proud

Despite the challenges, Hinch’s pride in his team never wavers. He emphasizes a focus on the present, a mantra that guided them through the series. “I’ve always said I’m proud of this team and I don’t say that just as rhetoric,”

he stated emphatically. The Tigers’ approach to each game, their refusal to dwell on past losses, and their gritty performances are what Hinch believes will endear them to fans and critics alike.

“”We’re not perfect and we haven’t been perfect. But we’re going to make you proud because of how we stay playing.”


Hinch concluded in a statement that resonates with a promise of commitment and fighting spirit that defines the Detroit Tigers under his leadership.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Dramatic Victory: The Detroit Tigers secured a sensational 14-11 win against the Toronto Blue Jays, highlighted by Matt Vierling’s last-minute three-run homer, showcasing the team’s resilience and fighting spirit.
  2. Unpredictability of Baseball: A.J. Hinch emphasized the unpredictable nature of baseball, which was evident in this game’s numerous lead changes and the final dramatic victory.
  3. Hinch’s Pride in the Team: Despite the challenges and imperfections, Hinch expressed deep pride in his team’s approach to the game, emphasizing their resilience and commitment to making fans proud.
Matt Vierling slide Detroit Tigers

Bottom Line

In a game that defied expectations and logic, the Detroit Tigers demonstrated the sheer unpredictability and thrill of baseball, culminating in a dramatic 14-11 victory against the Toronto Blue Jays. This match not only entertained but also highlighted the team’s resilience and capability to overcome adversity, qualities that manager A.J. Hinch rightly takes pride in. As the Tigers continue to navigate the ups and downs of the season, their ability to rally and succeed in challenging moments should give fans plenty of reasons to stay engaged and optimistic about the team’s direction.

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