Will Ayo Oyelola Be The Detroit Lions Next Signing?

Will Ayo Oyelola Be The Detroit Lions Next Signing?

The Detroit Lions are continually on the lookout for unique talents to bolster their roster, and this time, they may set their sights across the Atlantic to sign DB Ayo Oyelola. Oyelola has ties to the Detroit Lions as he spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars, under the tutelage of current Lions assistant, Deshea Townsend. Don’t be surprised at all if Oyelola signs with the Lions before Training Camp kicks off.

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International Pathway to the NFL

Originally from Dagenham, England, Oyelola’s journey to the NFL is far from typical. He played college football at the University of Nottingham in the UK before being allocated to the Jacksonville Jaguars in May of 2022 through the International Player Pathway (IPP) program. This program aims to provide elite international athletes the opportunity to compete at the NFL level and perhaps secure a roster spot.

Before his stint with the Jaguars, Oyelola played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League, where he was part of the Grey Cup-winning team. His athletic prowess and adaptability across different leagues highlight his potential value to an NFL team.

Coaches’ Perspective

Jason Scott, the head football coach at the University of Nottingham, recognized Oyelola’s potential from the start. “You can see talent a mile off — the way that an athlete walks, how they carry themselves, and how they move — that was one thing that leapt out right away (about Oyelola). Ayo was fast — his acceleration was ridiculous — and he was fearless. All the things you want to see from a defensive player,” Scott remarked.

Ben Davies, the defensive coordinator at the University of Nottingham, also noted Oyelola’s exceptional attributes. “Ayo was obviously already a gifted athlete when he joined the team — being fit, strong, and very fast!” Davies commented. “He was always coachable if a little reserved, and had an undeniable drive to perform every drill and every play to the best of his ability.”

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Existing Relationships: Ayo Oyelola’s potential signing with the Detroit Lions is significantly influenced by his previous working relationship with Lions’ defensive backs coach Deshea Townsend, under whom he trained at the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  2. Unique International Experience: Oyelola’s unique journey to the NFL through the International Player Pathway program and his experience in the Canadian Football League distinguish him from typical NFL players.
  3. Athletic Credentials: Testimonials from his coaches at the University of Nottingham highlight Oyelola’s exceptional athleticism, coachability, and drive, underscoring his potential value to the Lions.

Bottom Line

Ayo Oyelola, who plays safety, spent the last two years with the Jacksonville Jaguars under the guidance of Deshea Townsend, who is now part of the Lions’ coaching staff as the defensive backs coach. The pre-existing relationship between player and coach could play a crucial role in Oyelola’s potential signing with the Lions. Detroit has already shown interest in Oyelola, having brought him in for a tryout at their rookie minicamp in early May. Although he wasn’t signed immediately, the Lions’ continued interest suggests that the door is still open.

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