Dan Campbell hints that Denzel Mims’ days with Detroit Lions are numbered

Dan Campbell hints that Denzel Mims' days with Detroit Lions are numbered

Denzel Mims' days with Detroit Lions are numbered

During a recent friendly-fire practice collision with Tracy Walker, Detroit Lions wide receiver Denzel Mims sustained an injury that has kept him sidelined for nearly two weeks. This setback is a significant blow to both the Lions and Mims, who was traded to the team this offseason. Indications from Dan Campbell suggest Mims might be on his way out of Detroit.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions Denzel Mims' days with Detroit Lions are numbered

What Dan Campbell Said

Prior to Thursday's practice, Campbell's cryptic remarks about needing to bring in additional wide receivers and having to “move on from somebody” cast a shadow over Mims' future with the team.

“We’re kind of in that a little bit,” Campbell said. “We potentially may need to add somebody after today. We’re looking into that … to do that, you have to move on from somebody.”

“He’s in the room,” Campbell blankly said of Mims.

When Campbell was asked if Mims was close to returning to practice, his response was not exactly optimistic.

“We’ll see. Wish I could give you more.”

Why it Matters for Denzel Mims and Detroit Lions

Moreover, with injuries befalling key players like Jameson Williams and Amon-Ra St. Brown, the Lions' wide receiver lineup appears perilously thin. While Coach Campbell hasn't directly stated that Mims is leaving, his recent comments have left many wondering if Mims' time in Detroit is drawing to a close.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Denzel Mims has been absent from practice following an injury sustained in a collision with Tracy Walker.
  2. Coach Dan Campbell's recent comments suggest potential changes in the Lions' wide receiver lineup.
  3. With other key players injured, the Lions may be considering roster changes to bolster their wide receiver position.

Bottom Line – Playbook of Uncertainties

For Denzel Mims, his future with the Detroit Lions seemingly hangs in the balance, and while Campbell hasn't explicitly signaled an exit, the writing might already be on the wall. But as any true fan knows, in football, as in life, the only constant is change. Whatever unfolds in the coming days, the Lions' pride will march on, adapting and evolving, ready to tackle the challenges of a new day.