Detroit Lions wide receiver earns new nickname because ‘He just won’t die’

Detroit Lions wide receiver earns new nickname because 'He just won't die'.

Detroit Lions wide receiver earns new nickname because ‘He just won't die'

Detroit Lions wide receiver Josh Reynolds has been steadily climbing as he is on track for a career-best season. With 33 receptions, 535 yards, and five touchdowns already under his belt this season, he's already surpassed his performance from 2022 and is catching the eye of both fans and team management. On Monday, head coach Dan Campbell spoke to the media and he revealed a new nickname that one of Reynolds' teammates gave him.

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The Cockroach!

Here is what Campbell had to say about Reynolds' new nickname.

“Somebody referred to him as this morning—I’m not going to tell you who it was—and this was not meant as a negative, but as ‘the cockroach’ because he just won’t die,” Campbell said. “Like this guy just keeps coming back. He just won’t go away. He always bounces back. And you talk about a resilient man—he’s resilient and he’s tough.

“He’s one of the best pickups we’ve had in a three-year period as a free agent. To be able to acquire him when we did at the end of 2021, he really helped us. We kind of got up on our feet, and he’s one of the reasons we did that year. And then to have him last year, he’s been a steady, reliable piece. Somebody that Goff trusts, and he really is a guy you can count on. You’re going to get some explosives out of him.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Reynolds is having a breakout season with the Detroit Lions, surpassing last year's performance.
  2. He's earned a new nickname, “the cockroach,” for his resilience and consistent play.
  3. Praised by Coach Campbell, Reynolds is recognized as a valuable free-agent pickup and a trusted component of the team's offense.
Josh Reynolds

The Bottom Line – From Underdog to ‘Cockroach': Reynolds' Unstoppable Journey

The evolution of Reynolds from a relatively unknown player to a key offensive weapon for the Detroit Lions is a testament to his unrelenting spirit and skill. His new nickname, “the cockroach,” far from being a slight, is a badge of honor, symbolizing his resilience, toughness, and indispensability on the field. As the season progresses, Reynolds is not just trending towards a personal best but is also redefining what it means to be a valuable team player.