Detroit rapper Big Sean says Lions need changes behind the scenes

Let's face it, if you are a Detroit Lions fan, you are sick and tired of losing year after year after year.

One Lions fan who feels exactly that way, and says there needs to be changes behind the scenes, is Detroit rapper, Big Sean.

Sean appeared on ESPN's First Take on Wednesday and he said he is tired of the Lions shenanigans.

“The Lions, I love the Lions, but there’s always rumors of a Lions curse,” said Big Sean, who performed at the halftime show of the team's Thanksgiving game in 2015. “And I’m tired of having my heart broken — even the last game, them being up 14-3 and then losing to Green Bay.”

“Here’s the thing, I do think the Lions need to change the behind the scenes of the team,” he said. Really, I think Jim Caldwell was probably the best coach we had in a long time. It was weird to me that he got fired after a 9-7 season and Matt Patricia’s at like, what, 9-33-1 or something like that? (Patricia is 9-24-1 through 34 games.)

“And there are people who have tried to buy the team or come into ownership to help change things around, and it’s not happening. So I do hope the Lions, I’m praying that they get it together. But I’m a diehard, I’m a Lions fan for life, so I’m riding with them either way.”

We feel you, Sean.