Detroit Sports: Top 10 Stadium Anthems

Here are the top 10 Detroit sports stadium anthems. 🏀🎵 From Motown to game anthems, we're a nation that thrives on beats and victories.
Detroit Sports Top 10 Stadium Anthems

Top 10 Detroit Sports Stadium Songs

Detroit, Michigan is a town of many things. It is a sports town (more like a Sports Nation hehe). It is a manufacturing town. It is a big town. A town with historical value only rivaled by the likes of New York and Chicago. A town that's seen its share of ashes in the past but has always solidly risen above adversity. Lastly, as we all know, Detroit is a town of music.

From the 1920's jazz age to the blues bars of 1940's Black Bottom. From the legendary Motown records to the birth of techno on the streets of Bellville in the mid-'80s, Detroit has always been and always will be a music capital in America.

You can hear some of Detroit's best songs (and songs it's adopted) during regular season and playoff games of its four major professional teams. Whether it's down at the LCA attending a Detroit Red Wings game or a Pistons matchup, there are songs that you are guaranteed to hear from the sound systems.

Here are the top 10 Detroit sports stadium anthems. But first! – let me grace you with a song that not many know but I think should be played at the conclusion of every Detroit sports game, everyone arm in arm – no matter if they win or lose. I know it wouldn't happen but imagine the unique tradition it would start and the unity it would bring. I present to you the iconic Miracles singing “I Care About Detroit.”

Now to the rankings!

10 “The Final Countdown” – Europe

A stadium-rock anthem most renowned in Detroit for the Pistons of the early-mid 2000s and was used for introductions and during the final timeout of a nail-biting game. How many close games did you hear this song, get pumped about it, and watched as Chauncey Billups nailed a game-winner? Or missed it? Either way, this song got you excited.

9 “Old Time Rock and Roll” – Bob Seger

There's no question that Bob Seger is an all-time favorite Detroit artist. His roots rock rhythm transcended generations and this classic hit from Seger is no different. You can usually hear this one during timeouts and intermissions in all of the Detroit's sports venues. Today's music just don't have the same soul.

8 “Heaven” – Uncle Kracker feat Kid Rock & Paradime

As the self-proclaimed Son of Detroit, Kid Rock has always repped the D hard and throws the city in his music whatever chance he gets. The song “Heaven” is no different as he joins fellow Detroit natives Uncle Kracker and Paradime in letting the world know that if the place upstairs doesn't have an 8 Mile – then he doesn't want no part of it. The first verse of the song (Paradime) is what's often heard at Detroit sports events.

7 Devil With a Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly – Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

From the opening piano to Mitch Ryder's almost trance-like vocals, this 1966 hit became an instant Motor City and Detroit sports favorite.

6 “Dancing in the Street” – Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Out of all the Detroit stadium anthems, this one is the greatest Detroit dance staple ever recorded. Martha Reeves and her girls got the whole country with “Dancing in the Street” in 1964. It lifts your spirit and keeps the world from forgetting about the Motor City. To this day we are all still dancing.

5 “Welcome to Detroit” – Trick Trick feat Eminem

A common theme of Detroit music, especially Detroit hip hop music, is the need for its artists to remind everyone not to mess with the D. Trick Trick and Eminem teamed up for one of the most pounding stadium anthems “Welcome to Detroit” and the world immediately took notice. Whenever a visiting team hears this tune start to play they immediately also hear thousands of voices in the stadium singing it directly toward them.

4 “Shotgun” – Jr. Walker and the All-Stars

While it poses a bit of a radical theme, this classic Motown hit has power in hidden places as far as stadium anthems go.

3 “Lose Yourself” – Eminem

This is one of the stadium anthems I turn to when I need untouchable motivation. I'm sure there are millions that join me in that idea. This Academy Award-winning song from Eminem seems to pump up Detroit athletes as well.

2 “Detroit Rock City” – KISS

Red Wings games. Pistons. Lions. Tigers. No matter which of these team's venues you happen to visit there is an almost distinct guarantee that you will hear “Detroit Rock City” at least 2-3 times. Because everyone knows you have to lose your mind in Detroit Rock City. Definitely one of the best stadium anthems.

1 “Don't Stop Believing” – Journey

The number one and by far the best stadium anthem for Detroit sports is undoubtedly “Don't Stop Believing” by Journey. Although the group was never a Detroit act, the song incorporates the city's name early on and soon became an infectious tune in Detroit's sports venues. You will likely hear the song in most other pro sports venues in America but nowhere else does it have the profound meaning it has in Detroit.

Attention to Detroit Sports Nation: Don't stop believing.

Hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 stadium anthems!

*Originally published by former DSN writer, Julius Porter

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