Detroit Tigers fan J.K. Simmons lauds Miguel Cabrera [Video]

Detroit Tigers fan J.K. Simmons is on hand at Comerica Park to help honor Miguel Cabrera!

Detroit Tigers fan J.K. Simmons is on hand at Comerica Park to help honor Miguel Cabrera!

It's a momentous day in the Motor City as Detroit Tigers icon Miguel Cabrera takes to the field for the last game of his illustrious MLB career, destined for the Hall of Fame. The afternoon has already been filled with unforgettable moments as the packed crowd at Comerica Park seizes this opportunity to bid farewell, and one notable Tigers fan, J.K. Simmons, stands among them.

Detroit Tigers fan J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons narrated the touching pre-game video

Simmons, a Grosse Point native, boasts a remarkable acting career with an impressive portfolio of over 200 film and television credits. His extensive list of accolades includes an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

He spoke at length about watching Cabrera's career

Simmons was interviewed from his seat in the lower bowl of Comerica Park, where he reflected on what it's been like to watch Miguel Cabrera throughout his illustrious career.

“He's absolutely up there,” he responded when asked if Cabrera is on his personal Mount Rushmore of Tigers legends. “It's him, it's (Al) Kaline, (Willie) Horton and the fourth one is a two-headed (Lou) Whitaker and (Alan) Trammell.

“It's unbelievable, I'm getting goosebumpy right now,” he continued. “It's a genuine honor and thrill to be asked to be a small part of it.”

Miguel Cabrera's next role

Simmons, who has rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood's elite throughout his career, shared a lighthearted anecdote about the one figure he found genuinely intimidating: none other than former Tigers manager Jim Leyland.

Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, whomever,” he said. “The most intimidated I ever was was the first time I met Jim Leyland. Obviously, he wasn't even managing the Tigers then, he was still in Pittsburgh at the time. I mean, I knew he had been in the Tigers organization, and he's always been my favorite manager. Those years he was here and the teams he had to work with, those were special.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. This afternoon marks the final MLB game for Detroit Tigers' future Hall of Famer, Miguel Cabrera.
  2. Notable Academy Award-winning actor and devoted Tigers fan, J.K. Simmons, graced the occasion with his presence and contributed his voice to a special pre-game video.
  3. Subsequently, he shared his thoughts on what it has meant to him as a Tigers fan to witness Cabrera's illustrious career in Detroit.

Bottom Line: Gracias, Miggy!

There is no denying that Cabrera's tenure in Detroit has left a profound impact on the entire community, which had the privilege of witnessing one of the all-time greats of the game proudly wear the Old English D.

We will undoubtedly miss seeing him don the Tigers' uniform and eagerly anticipate the day when he rightfully takes his place in Cooperstown!