Detroit Tigers No. 4 Prospect Jace Jung Switches Positions

Detroit Tigers No. 4 Prospect Jace Jung Switches Positions: Jung told reporters that the Tigers want him to "get there fast."

Detroit Tigers No. 4 Prospect Jace Jung Switches Positions

The Detroit Tigers have decided to send eight players to the Arizona Fall League (AFL), and one of those players is the No. 4 prospect in the organization, Jace Jung. But, when Jung arrives in the desert, he will be playing a new position. Rather than playing second base, as he has played in the past, Jung will be switching to the hot corner (third base).

Jace Jung Jackson Jobe Detroit Tigers Jace Jung Switches Positions

Why it Matters

When you look at the Tigers organization, they have some solid prospects at shortstop and on the right side of the infield, but, other than Colt Keith, who sees himself as a third baseman but could be moved elsewhere, they really don't have anyone to play the hot corner.

What they are Saying

“Jace will play third base, only, and we think it’s a really good opportunity,” said Ryan Garko, the Tigers’ player-development chief. “He’s got a strong arm, with plenty of carry on his arm. He has a good first step.

“Playing corner is a lot different than up the middle, but I think the tools are there that will carry over to third base. It’s something he’s more than capable of handling.”

“They want me to get there fast, and that’s kind of how I took it,” Jung said Friday. “I think it’s gonna be fun. Obviously, there’s going to be an adjustment stage, but I think I’ll be fine.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Positional Shift for Jace Jung: Jace Jung, the No. 4 prospect in the Detroit Tigers organization, is making a notable shift in his position as he prepares to join the Arizona Fall League (AFL).
  2. Addressing a Positional Gap: The decision to move Jace Jung to third base highlights a gap in the Tigers' prospect pool, particularly at the hot corner. While the organization boasts solid prospects at shortstop and on the right side of the infield, the third base position has been relatively unaddressed, making Jung's switch all the more significant.
  3. Tools and Opportunity: Ryan Garko, the Tigers' player-development chief, sees the move as a promising opportunity for Jace Jung. Highlighting Jung's strong arm, good first step, and potential for a smooth transition to third base, Garko believes that Jung possesses the necessary tools for success in this new role. Jung himself is enthusiastic about the challenge and is eager to adapt quickly to the change.

Bottom Line: Moving Positions

Jace Jung's transition to third base for the Detroit Tigers signifies not only a shift in his defensive position but also the organization's strategic move to address a positional gap. With the tools and potential recognized by the Tigers' player-development chief, Ryan Garko, Jung's switch holds promise. This adjustment, while presenting an initial challenge, opens up exciting possibilities for both the player and the team, as they work to strengthen their roster and prepare for the future.