Did Filip Zadina take a ‘Major Shot’ at Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings?

It is time for YOU TO BE THE JUDGE! What do you make of these comments by Filip Zadina?

James Connelly of Hockey Patrol recently dropped an article titled, “Filip Zadina Takes Major Shots at Steve Yzerman and the Red Wings.” Of course, with a title like that, I had to click to see what Zadina had to say about The Captain and our Detroit Red Wings. But when I read through Zadina's quotes, I really did not see it as him taking a shot at anyone at all. But I will let you be the judge.

Filip Zadina Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman

Did Filip Zadina take a ‘Major Shot' at Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings?

Here are the quotes from Zadina that inspired Connelly to write his article:

“I would rather go somewhere else to get the opportunity and prove myself that I'm still a good player as I used to be,” Zadina said.

“That was making my decision even harder because there were good teams I could go to. I spoke to a bunch of GMs, a bunch of coaches, and a bunch of players called me from different teams. It was really a hard time to decide but I believe I did the right decision going to San Jose.”

You Be The Judge!

Personally, I do not see Zadina's comments as anything more than him saying he realized that with the Red Wings roster being what it currently is, he probably was not going to have much of a chance to really prove himself and that a fresh start would give him that opportunity. What do you think?

Filip Zadina Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman

Bottom Line: Best of Luck, Filip

Whether or not Zadina has any bad blood toward Yzerman and the Red Wings is something we may or may not ever know. That being said, if he did have bad blood toward Yzerman, or any other part of the organization, it did not show in his quotes listed above. We wish Filip the best of luck as he starts fresh in San Jose.