Dylan Larkin explains why he accidentally tomahawked Alex Ovechkin

The frustration was obvious for Detroit Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin.

Not only did his team lose their ninth straight game, but also did so by surrendering a hat trick to one of hockey's greatest goal scorers, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin.

His two empty net goals last in last night's game sealed a 5-2 win for Washington, but it was Larkin's actions on Ovechkin's third goal that had people talking.

After Ovechkin stripped Larkin of the puck and eventually deposited it into the open goal, Larkin immediately went to smash his stick on the goal post in frustration – but accidentally caught Ovechkin instead, who went tumbling to the ice. He wasn't injured, but he clearly appeared surprised.

(start at 0:35)

Afterwards, Larkin explained that it was completed unintentional.

“I was frustrated that the last goal was my fault. Just a build-up,” Larkin said. “I didn’t mean to take out Ovechkin. I think he just happened to be there.”

Do you buy his explanation?