ESPN FPI Predicts EVERY 2023 Michigan Football Game

The 2023 Michigan Football team has a chance to make a HUGE statement.

ESPN FPI Predicts EVERY 2023 Michigan Football Game

ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) is in with its verdict on the 2023 Michigan Football schedule, and it brings a mix of optimism and reality checks. Although Michigan has been the B1G Champions for the past two years, the FPI isn't entirely sold on the team's dominant run continuing into the 2023 season. The Wolverines are predicted to have a record of 9.9-2.3 and their chance of winning their division is pegged at a mere 20.5%. Michigan's odds for clinching the winning the league are even lower at 16.3%.

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Every Michigan Football Game Predicted

However, the Wolverines have a silver lining to look forward to; FPI sees them conquering most of their initial games, estimating a minimum of a 74% win probability for each game leading up to their significant face-off against Penn State. And with over 90% odds in 6 of these games, it's looking promising. But, as November approaches, challenges intensify. road trips to Penn State and Maryland culminating in the climactic encounter against Ohio State will be the real litmus tests. Here's how the ESPN FPI sees Michigan's 2023 games playing out:

  • Sept. 2 vs. East Carolina — 95.4%
  • Sept. 9 vs. UNLV — 98%
  • Sept. 16 vs. Bowling Green — 98.6%
  • Sept. 23 vs. Rutgers — 95.5%
  • Sept. 30 at Nebraska — 84.5%
  • Oct. 7 at Minnesota — 75.8%
  • Oct. 14 vs. Indiana — 94.5%
  • Oct. 21 at Michigan State — 74.8%
  • Nov. 4 vs. Purdue — 91.3%
  • Nov. 11 at Penn State — 52.8%
  • Nov. 18 at Maryland — 80.1%
  • Nov. 25 vs. Ohio State — 31.2%

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. ESPN's Football Power Index has run its numbers for Michigan’s 2023 football season and expects them to land a 9.9-2.3 record. This may raise eyebrows as Michigan holds the honor of being the 2-time defending B1G champs.
  2. The initial games appear promising for the Wolverines, with high win probabilities dominating their early season. Yet, as the season advances, particularly by November, the competition stiffens with challenging matches against Penn State, Maryland, and the iconic face-off against Ohio State.
  3. While the statistical odds for clinching the division and conference stand at 20.5% and 16.3% respectively, it's imperative to remember that in football, on-field performances, strategies, and sheer will often rewrite the narrative that numbers predict.
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Bottom Line – Time Will Tell

While ESPN’s FPI offers a glimpse into what they think might be in store for Michigan, the players' boots on the ground, their strategy, grit, and the roaring support of their fans will write the final script. Personally, I have the Wolverines running the table all the way to the National Championship Game. The question is, can they win their final game and hoist the National Championship for the first time since 1997?