Former Ohio State DL Joey Bosa bashes idea of being Jim Harbaugh for Halloween

When former Ohio State DL Joey Bosa was having a tough time coming up with a Halloween costume on the Rich Eisen show earlier this week, Eisen, who just so happens to be a Michigan alum, had a funny idea.

Eisen suggested to Bosa that he dresses up as Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh for Halloween.

“I've got an idea for you, Joey. Why don't you go as Jim Harbaugh?” said Eisen.

Bosa did not hesitate to take a shot at Harbaugh while dismissing Eisen's idea.

“Okay, that’s a good one,” Bosa replied. “Wear a big L on my head? I don’t know about that one. That might be at the bottom of the barrel of ideas.”

Check it out.